Common Features

Sign Up with Email, Facebook

This feature allows user (guest/host) to create their account in BistroStays. A simple way is to create account in BistroStays simply by filling up the registration form with required fields and another way is to sign up with Facebook which uses Facebook connect API.

BistroStays - Sign Up with Email, Facebook


Connect with Facebook

This feature allows user to login in BistroStays by signing up with Facebook credentials and fetches all the user information of Facebook for login. Facebook connect API is used for the same. The main benefit of this feature is that user doesn’t have to create accounts and remember password for the website user visits.

BistroStays - Connect with Facebook


Email Confirmation, Remember me, Forgot Password

Email confirmation is used to verify user Email, user gets verification mail for the same and by clicking on it the Email is verified. Remember me feature remembers user next time he/she visits the website, so user do not need to remember password every time. Forgot password feature provides password reset link to reset password.

BistroStays - Email Confirmation, Remember me, Forgot Password


Property Review, User Reviews

With the help of this property review feature, it enables user to write review about the property they have booked for stay. This will help user to have a virtual idea about the host and property before get into the place. If property will have good ratings and positive reviews then it will be great chances for property to get booked. With this feature of BistroStays, visitors can easily see the ratings and reviews.

Browse by Category (Browse by collections and group)

This feature enables user to browse the listing through its category. In BistroStays in a user dashboard the browse menu is there in which we can browse the listing by two ways, one is browse by collections and other is browse by groups.

Search module

This feature enables user to search for the listing based on different parameters provided like destination, check-in date, check-out date, number of guests, view (list, photo and map), sort by (price, recommended, newest) etc..

Property Filters and Sorting

This feature enables user to narrow down the search result using property filter options such as room type, property type, view by (list, photo, map), price, amenities provided and neighborhood also user have sorting options such as recommended, price (high –low), price (low-high) and newest.

BistroStays - Property Filters and Sorting


Report Abuse, Spam

If guest finds inappropriate or misleading information about the property services, or amenities, then user can report to admin for the same of particular listing. There are many threats of spammers on the web so this feature can be useful for website owner to keep away them. Website admin can remove particular property listing if they really found strong reports against it.

BistroStays - Report Abuse, Spam

All products running on BistroStays platform such as AirBNB Clone, Vacation Rental Script and BNB Clone share the same features.
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