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Automate your online booking process

BistroStays has an advanced booking engine and payments module that lets you manage your entire rental and BNB (Bed & Breakfast) business without moving a muscle. All you will have to do is to monitor your subscriptions, members and properties listed on your online booking website. You can set what commission percentage you'd like to take as your cut from the transactions happening on your website. You can also set in case you require a security deposit from the guests for the period of their stay at a particular property listed on the website by a host. Payments are then automated through the third party payment gateway API. You have the option to choose whether you want to withhold the payment until the guest(s) checkout and then you pay to host manually or automate the process.

BistroStays - Booking Engine


Advanced Pricing Module

The advanced pricing module is provided in manage listing page. In which in the pricing and terms this module is included which allows host to set for the daily, weekly and monthly prices. In this host can set the daily pricing, weekly pricing (for autumn, winter, spring and summer) and also monthly pricing is available in which host can set monthly pricing.

BistroStays - Advanced Pricing Module


Attractive Host Dashboard

This unique feature displays the host dashboard with a very attractive design in itself. There is a single dashboard in BistroStays for a user to login as a host/guest. Many things are provided in the host dashboard like edit host profile, alerts, Quick links, messages, referrals etc. In profile edition host can edit their details like profile picture, name, and other things. Host can also see the page views from dashboard.

BistroStays - Attractive Host Dashboard


iCal Calendar Import/Export

iCalendar is a computer file format which allows internet users to send meeting requests and tasks to other internet users, via email or sharing files with an extension of iCal. This unique feature of BistroStays enables user to import calendar by browsing the file which supports calendar format or also export the calendar data of BistroStays that supports iCal format.

BistroStays - iCal Calendar Import/Export


Listing Performance Analytics – In depth reports and statistics on number of visitors, page views, inquiries and reservations made:

This intellectual feature helps the host to gain knowledge about their property in the analytics status. It includes reports and statistics on daily visitors, page views, inquiries and reservations made. There will be separated tab in analytics reports for inquiries where admin is able to check inquiries came from visitors for property listings. From analytics tab user also able to see how many reservations made in last period of time and also able to make listings visible or disable from panel.

BistroStays - Listing Performance Analytics


Edit listing information / Delete listing

This unique feature of BistroStays enables host to edit the listing information which they have listed in BistroStays. Host has the facility to update their property availability by updating property calendar. Host can edit listing information and also he/she has the facility to delete his/her listing from the site by using delete listing feature.

BistroStays - Edit listing information



Listing status – visible / invisible

This feature of BistroStays shows the status of particular listing. Host can change the status of their listing either as visible or invisible (hidden). It completely depends on the host to change the status of listing based on their requirement to make it visible or hidden for some time.

Easy to manage reservation details 

This feature shows all the reservation requests to the host. In BistroStays host has listed the property for stay and number of guests made the reservation requests for different available dates to host. Now it completely depends on host to accept / cancel the request based on the availability. So the reservation details shows status of reservation (cancelled / accepted), dates and location of particular listing, guest name who made the request and other details (total fee, message history, view details).

BistroStays - Reservation Details


Easy to list Property

Property can be listed by clicking on List Your Space button in BistroStays. Owners can list their non-used property for rent by filling up the form. Form includes basic information about the property you are listing. On the time of listing your property user can fill various fields like property type, no. of accommodates, privacy, listing title, description and price of property. It can be beneficial for users who are interested to list their property into BistroStays.

BistroStays - Listing Property


GPS Coordinates

This intellectual feature of BistroStays enables host to see the GPS coordinates which shows the geographical location (latitude, longitude) of particular place that host has selected. This is a protected feature because it only shows this to confirmed guests. By selecting a particular place on Google Maps with pin-point on location it shows GPS coordinates of that particular place.

BistroStays - GPS Coordinates


Street view and Photo grid view

This feature represents the two different views of the property. One is street view in which Google street view is used. Google street view is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world and other is photo grid view in which photos are displayed in grid view.

BistroStays - Photo grid view

BistroStays - Street view

All products running on BistroStays platform such as AirBNB Clone, Vacation Rental Script and BNB Clone share the same features.
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