Marketing & Promotional Features

On-page SEO

This feature of BistroStays is not only intellectual in user friendly based, but also smart in search engine friendly aspect. It lists your website on the top of the result of the search results searched by keywords. Different on-page SEO technique helps to display the website on the foremost pages of Google search. On-page SEO of BistroStays also includes optimized images which helps browser to open website smoother and to be a genuine contender in search engine ranking competition.


Auto mailers

This feature is related to automated mails which are being sent on user’s email. This automated email can be any of from newsletters, latest update etc. This can be done with the help of scheduler, which sends automated mails. This process is automated because scheduler sends these emails to multiple user email_ids in a particular time-frame otherwise it would be considered as spam.


Bulk Mail Module

In BistroStays bulk mail module is provided to send mass emails to members (guests & host). Admin can send bulk mails to members (guest & host) about the newsletters, sms alerts, latest updates etc. This can be an automated process which is manageable by admin because to send bulk mails on user’s email, it requires scheduler to do the repeat task in a fixed time-frame otherwise it would be considered as spam.


Social Media Integration

In BistroStays social media is integrated with a social bookmarking panel. By clicking on its fevicon it connects with that page. By clicking on Facebook fevicon it opens the Facebook page. Facebook connect API is used for the same. After login user can like that particular page/post, comment on post, share it etc… Same way for Twitter, Linked-in and Google+ pages relevant connect API is used.

BistroStays - Social Media Integration


Facebook Connect

This feature allows user (guest/host) to login in BistroStays by signing up with Facebook credentials and fetches all the user information of Facebook for login. Facebook connect API is used for the same. The main benefit of this feature is that user doesn’t have to create accounts and remember password for the website user visits.

BistroStays - Facebook Connect



This intellectual feature of BistroStays enables its subscribers (guest / host) to receive the newsletter (i.e. latest updates on product or platform about the main topic of interest) which only comes with the Enterprise edition. Subscriber (guest / host) needs to enter a valid email for the same to receive the newsletters on email.

BistroStays - Newsletters


Invite Friends

Properties can be promoted through social network with the help of invite friends option. In BistroStays, users (guest / host) can invite their friends by sending request to their email. Users will get credit based on this. User just needs to enter email addresses of their friends and can send the invitation for their particular listings.

BistroStays - Invite Friends

All products running on BistroStays platform such as AirBNB Clone, Vacation Rental Script and BNB Clone share the same features.
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