Unique Features

Advanced Calendar Module

One of the most useful features integrated with customized BistroStays rental script that helps you in managing your listing date wise. You can efficiently manage your listing using Advanced Calendar Module. You can only avail advanced calendar module if you are registered user with atleat one property listed and then after you can navigate through following path

Your Listing -> Manage Listing -> Calendar

Calendar: - You can manage you property listing using Advanced calendar can perform following operations.

  • Update Calendar as per your convenience – Whenever any changes you make over calendar you will need to click on My Calendar is up-to date and will reflect live on website.
  • Available / Booked / Unavailable – Displays status of the room on that specific month and date.
  • Month Drop-down list – Using drop-down menu you can select month.
  • Availability & Rates setting – Click on particular date and pop-up will be displayed which will allow you to change availability setting and rates of that particular day.

Customized Rate Setting as Per Date

  • Sync & Export Calendar (if any) – External calendar can be directly synced using this option.

Available Dates marked with Green

  • Dates marked with Green are available for accommodation booking
  • Dates marked with Red are booked on specified dates.
  • Dates marked with Grey are not available

Date Marked with Grey are Unavailable


Sub admin with user privilege level

This unique feature of BistroStays is provided to Admin. Admin can add number of sub admin which he/she wants to add and also can give the different access privileges to sub admin. For e.g. access privileges like read only, write, edit / update.


Groups and Connections

In BistroStays in a user (guest / host) dashboard the browse menu is there in which user can browse the listing by two ways, by collections and by groups. This feature is useful when users want to search any particular listings by sorting with these two ways. Search option also given in module so after browsing by collection or group user also able to search in displayed records.

BistroStays - Browse by Groups

BistroStays - Browse by Collections



This unique feature of BistroStays shows the list of neighborhoods available which is only available in enterprise edition as mentioned. By further clicking on it, it shows the result page with that particular filter applied. For e.g. I want to see neighborhood for Mumbai, then it shows the available listings with this filter.

BistroStays - Neighborhoods


BistroStays - Neighborhoods


Ease to use of Multi Language Module

BistroStays is integrated with translation module in which admin can translate the site manually by embedding the translation files with the help of admin panel. So, this module is admin manageable in which admin requires translation file with number of constants. Website might have queries from outside of particular country so if website will have multiple language module then it will be beneficial for both, property owner as well as for visitors.

BistroStays - Multi Language Module


Multi Currency Module

In BistroStays we have integrated multi currency module which enables user to check the conversion rates. With the help of this users can turn the property value according to their convenience. By default currency is USD but user can change it accordingly as per requirement.

BistroStays - Multi Currency Module



Using this feature guest can mention their trip details in this. Trip details can be mentioned in previous trips (which were already taken place), current trips ( on-going trip details) and upcoming trips (which are scheduled to take place in future). Off-course for any of the trips the host approval is required (i.e. booking status) which shows either host has accepted / cancelled the request given by guest.

BistroStays - Trips


Payment Preferences

This unique feature of BistroStays enables user to select payout preference from the available options. Like in BistroStays we are providing users to pay with two different preferences, it completely depends on user’s choice but by default is set to PayPal. For PayPal user needs to have the account in PayPal and further Payment method also needs to be mentioned. User can also choose the other option which is international wire transfer that will require 3-5 business days for processing the payment and Bank fees will be charged for the same.

BistroStays - Payment Preferences


Category wise Classification

Category wise classification feature enables user to browse the listing through its category. In BistroStays in a user dashboard the browse menu is there in which we can browse the listing by two ways, one is browse by collections and other is browse by groups.

BistroStays - Category wise Classification


Google Map API Integration

This intellectual feature is integrated in BistroStays which shows the geographical location of the property on the Google Map with pin-points on the location. Guest can get the property location conveniently through this unique feature. Google Map API is integrated for the same. This feature is integrated in host profile as well as the property listing page.

BistroStays - Google Map API Integration



This particular feature shows the list of amenities included in the particular property. Amenities simply refer to different services which are provided. It completely depends on host to include number of amenities in their property. It is shown in the property detail page when guest search for the properties.

BistroStays - Amenities


Advanced Pricing Module

The advanced pricing module is provided in manage listing page. In which in the pricing and terms this module is included which allows host to set for the daily, weekly and monthly prices. In this host can set the daily pricing, weekly pricing (for autumn, winter, spring and summer) and also monthly pricing is available in which host can set monthly pricing.

BistroStays - Advanced Pricing Module


Sublet Module

Sublet refers to renting out your place for a single, fixed period of time. This facility is provided in the list your space in which host can set up a one-time sublet for a specific time period. Outside the sublet time period, all the default settings will stay effective. In this feature user just needs to enter details of property including number of bedrooms, Title, description, price, etc. Sublet module is an important part for them who want to list their property once only.

BistroStays - Sublet Module


Property Wishlist

This feature provides guest members to create their wish-list. Here guest is provided with the facility to bookmark the particular property for future reference. So, guest can bookmark the property in the starred item section and by further clicking on it, it shows all the details of that particular property.

BistroStays - Property Wishlist


Help Tool-tip

Help tool-tip is specially integrated in BistroStays as a unique feature. Help tool-tip is provided for the ease of user access. Suppose if the user if surfing the BistroStays platform and if user is unable to understand something then help tool-tip is integrated as a question-mark after particular thing and by pointing arrow of mouse user can come to know what actually it is.

BistroStays - Help Tool-tip

All products running on BistroStays platform such as AirBNB Clone, Vacation Rental Script and BNB Clone share the same features.
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