Unique Features

Like posts that interest you

User can like any post which they find as interesting or noteworthy. User will be able to like any post by clicking on ‘Vote up’ button Bookitt - Like Posts that is displayed on every post. By clicking on Vote up button total no. of up votes will get increase by 1.For ex: - If total no. of up votes are 14 and if a user clicks on Vote up button then total no. of up votes will become 15.


Membership plan is one type of revenue model of Bookitt. User can subscribe to a membership plan and can make his/her one post as sponsored. Sponsored posts will be displayed in sponsored panel and users of the website will have facility to view the posts that are in sponsored panel.


Classification of posts on basis of sponsored, New, Category and many more

In Bookitt different posts are classified based on different categories such as Hot, New, Rising, Controversial, Top and Gilded. User can sponsor one post if user has subscribed to a membership plan.


Browse by various criteria like post name, keywords, categories etc

User will be able to browse different posts with various criteria’s such as search by keyword (post name will be considered for searching), different categories (Hot, New, Rising, Controversial, Top and Gilded), posts will be filtered out based on category selected by user.

Below is the screenshot for ‘Browse by various criteria’-

Bookitt - Browse by various criteria like post name, keywords, categories etc


Help tool tip

This unique feature is provided for the ease of user access. Suppose if the user if surfing the Bookitt platform and if user is unable to understand something then help tool-tip is integrated as a question-mark after particular thing and by pointing mouse arrow over it user can come to know what actually it is.


System Alert Messages

In Bookitt system alert message will be there and it will be based on any event triggered by user. For ex: - If user wants to delete any post and when user clicks on delete option, a system generated alert message will be displayed to user which says ‘Are you sure you want to delete this post’ and it has two options ‘Yes’ and ‘no’. If user clicks on ‘yes’ then post will be deleted and if user clicks on ‘no’ then alert message will get closed.

Below is the screenshot for ‘System alert message’-

Bookitt - System Alert Messages


Content or Unique Design

In Bookitt we have provided a very unique design and content for the ease of user access and to have an easy yet enhanced graphical user interface (GUI). So, this unique feature helps the website visitors to visit the website with ease and also can be able to convert them from visitors to users of the website.


Payment Gateway Integration (PayPal) to receive payments for membership plans and advertisements

Payment module is a very important part of website. User will be able to pay using payment gateway for the payments of membership plan as well as Banner advertisement payments. To ensure the payment system to be transparent rich featured PayPal Standard payment gateway is integrated in Bookitt.


User will have advance search (i.e. filter) options to narrow down the search results of posts by selecting time period (Day/week/month/year), posts will be filtered out based on filter option as selected by user. Current year/month/week/day will be used to filter the results of posts.


Advanced sorting and filters

User will have sorting option to sort the results of posts based on category, post title, Text post, and link posts. User can search posts by entering search keywords (post title, category will be considered for searching). User can also filter the results of posts by selecting a category such as (Hot, New, Rising and Controversial).

All products running on Bookitt platform such as Reddit Clone and Social Bookmark Script share the same features.
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