Advanced Features

Due diligence

Due diligence shows the following statistics related to website like Google PageRank, number of links in Google, Alexa global rank, domain registration date, site content – unique/not, number of Page views and reported revenue.

Busewe - Due diligence


Google PageRank

Page rank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. Page Rank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. It is shown in number between 0 – 10. Here for it is 5. It is one of the things that Google uses to compute a sites importance, impact, authority and significance. They do this to figure out whether a site will rank well on the search result page and the order that the results will show up in.


Alexa Rank

Alexa internet ranks websites based on a combined measure of page views and unique site visitors. Alexa creates a list of "top websites" based on this data time-averaged over three month period. The traffic rank is in view of 3 months of historical traffic information gathered from the users of Alexa Toolbar. Alexa rank combined with different traffic information source and page views as well.


Domain Registration Date

It shows the domain registration date of website. It is automatically fetched from website using Google Analytics API. Here for it is 14-11-1997.


Site content – unique/not

This feature shows us that content associated with the website is unique or not. It can be mentioned when seller is listing his/her website or domain for sell.


Page views

A page view is an instance of a page being loaded by browser. The page views metric is the total number of pages viewed, repeated views of a single page are also counted. It comes in the traffic details of any website. As shown in the below figure the page views of last 3 months and unique visitors of last 3 months are shown. Also traffic is verified with Google Analytics.

Busewe - Page views


Reported Revenue

This shows the revenue details associated with the website. In Busewe when user acts as a seller to sell website or domain it comes in the different listing steps. In the financial details of listing if user is claiming that his/her website generates revenues that user has to mention revenue details for the website/domain which he/she is going to sell. User has to mention last one year revenue details. In below figure blue line shows the gross income and red lines shows the net profit per month in the graph format.

Busewe - Reported Revenue


User confidence rating

In Busewe user has to verify details like verify ownership and verify phone number and social networking sites. So, this is used to count the confidence rating of that user. As shown in the below figure user confidence rating is 3/5 which is 60% / 100% in percentage because user has verified her social networking sites connectivity (i.e. Facebook(1.5), LinkedIn(0.75) and Twitter(0.75)) but user has not verified her phone number.

Busewe - User confidence rating


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