Buyers Features

Make an offer

In Busewe for buyers an auction module is provided in which buyers can bid accordingly with keeping minimum price value in mind. So, it shows different offers to seller made by different buyers for that particular website / domain posted by seller. So, in terms of buyer's perspective they are making an offer to seller by bidding.

Busewe - Make an offer


Private message

Private messaging system (PMS) is used in Busewe for the conversation between buyer and seller. Buyer can send message to the seller of the website/domain, this is forwarded to seller and in the Inbox of seller and at the same time seller can also send message to buyer which will be there in the send items of seller and Inbox of buyer. So, this private message is a two way process.

Busewe - Private message


Bidding / Auction Module

Auctions (be it websites or domains) which takes place on the website is the main feature of Busewe. User has the facility to bid for any particular auction of website or domain. As shown in the below figure user can start bid from minimum amount of bid which is required. By entering less bid value than the required value shows alert message to user that minimum amount is required. User can directly buy the website with buy it now price mentioned of that website.

Busewe - Bidding / Auction Module


Comments and Reviews

In Busewe buyers can comment on any website/domain which is posted by seller for auction. In website detail page this facility is also provided to buyers in which they can comments on the website, which is posted in the comment box after the approval of admin.

Busewe - Comments and Reviews

All products running on Busewe platform such as Flippa Clone and Marketplace Script share the same features.
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