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Rich-text CMS to manage content with Ckeditor

Ckeditor is an open source WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editor from CKSource designed to bring common word processor features directly to web pages, simplifying their content creation. It aims to be lightweight and requires no client-side installation. In Fundraiser admin can change and manage the content (CMS) manually with the help of rich-text Ckeditor.

Fundraiser - Rich-text CMS to manage content with Ckeditor


Attractive admin dashboard

Fundraiser by NCrypted provides feature-rich and easy admin

Admin panel is provided with feature rich functionalities and at the same time it is easy to use and manage. Functions of admin panel are easier to use and there are many modules provided in admin panel like category list, manage commission range, newsletter subscription and many others.

Fundraiser - Attractive admin dashboard



Classification of category on basis of projects

In Fundraiser project is further classified on the basis of category, project can be any one from dance, design, comics, technology, art, film and video, food etc... In the category management module, admin is provided with the facility to add new category, edit category, active/inactive the category. Admin can also export the category detail file in excel file (.xls) as well as CSV (comma separated values) file (.csv).

Fundraiser - Classification of category on basis of projects


Payment gateway

Manage project payments

In Fundraiser platform by default PayPal payment gateway is used. Fundraiser platform uses PayPal Adaptive Payments method of PayPal to ensure that projects can be created, funded, commissions charged and money transferred to the project owner. PayPal Adaptive Payments means that the project creator can open a project to raise the fund and backers can pledge the money they would like to contribute, but the money is only taken when the project reaches the budget required.

Fundraiser - Payment gateway


Commission management

Admin has the facility to manage the commission price range by adding what commission percentage to be taken based on price and this whole process to charge commission can be done automatically once the commission percentage is set by admin. Admin can set the default commission rate as per the requirement.

Fundraiser - Commission management


Staff Management

In Fundraiser platform admin has the authority to give different rights (i.e. access privileges) to the staff (sub admin). Access privileges like read only, edit/update, delete are given to sub admin. It completely depends on admin to give different access privileges to sub admin depending on their requirement.

Fundraiser - Staff Management


User Management

Admin can manage different users (i.e. project creator or freelancer) of Fundraiser. This module shows the list of users associated with Fundraiser as a project creator or Fundraiser. It includes details like name, email and status of all users in the table format. Admin can add new user and admin also has the privileges to view the user details, make status as activated/deactivated and can also delete the record of any user from table.

Fundraiser - User Management


Project Management

In Fundraiser admin can manage the different projects which are being posted in the website with their category. Multiple tasks comes in project management like staff project list, project accept, project payments, projects with small amount, project reviews, project updates, project comments, project update comments. Admin can approve the projects by manually ticking on the checkbox given.

Fundraiser - Project Management


FAQ Category and Question

In Fundraiser admin is provided with the facility to add the list of FAQ's (Frequently asked questions) that will guide the visitors to understand the site flow as well as something that they don't understand, they can check it on the FAQ page. It is manageable by admin by manually adding the description for basics, creators and backers and can also add the list of question for ease of user access.

Fundraiser - FAQ Category and Question


General Management

General management includes many things like newsletter subscribers (shows the list of subscribers associated with Fundraiser), manage newsletters (manageable by admin to edit, delete and send newsletters), static pages management, Invite user history and Google Analytics code.

Fundraiser - Invite user history

Fundraiser - Newsletters subscribers

Fundraiser - Manage Newsletters

All products running on Fundraiser platform such as Kickstarter Clone and Crowdfunding Script share the same features.
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