Marketing & Promotional Features

On-page SEO

Search engine optimized pages & code to ensure Google, Yahoo and Bing will love your website

This feature of Fundraiser is not only intellectual in user friendly based, but also smart in search engine friendly aspect. It lists your website on the top of the result of the search results searched by keywords. Different on-page SEO technique helps to display the website on the foremost pages of Google search.


Weekly newsletters from admin

This feature of Fundraiser is manageable by admin in which admin can manage the weekly newsletters. This newsletter can be any from product update, latest news. Admin can send the newsletters to the number of subscribers and admin also have the facility to active / block any subscriber he/she wants.

Fundraiser - Weekly newsletters from admin


Invite friends

This feature of Fundraiser is provided with the Captcha code for security. By using this feature user of Fundraiser can send the mail to their friends to check Fundraiser. User can invite number of his/her friends which he/she wants to invite. Invitation mail contains a link and by clicking on that link user will be redirected to Fundraiser home-page.

Fundraiser - Invite friends


Email Verification

This feature is used as verification of email. When users are registering on Fundraiser, they will get a verification mail on the email they have provided and after clicking on the given link mentioned in verification mail, user's email will get successfully verified. This is mainly used for the security purpose.

Fundraiser - Email Verification


Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration (Facebook Like, Twitter, Email, Social Bookmark, Share)

In Fundraiser social media is integrated with a social bookmarking panel. By clicking on its fevicon it connects with that page. By clicking on Facebook fevicon it opens the Facebook page. Facebook connect API is used for the same. After login user can like that particular page/post, comment on post, share it etc… Same way for Twitter, Linked-in and Google+ pages relevant connect API is used.

Fundraiser - Social Media Integration


Facebook connect

This feature allows user (guest/host) to login in Fundraiser by signing up with Facebook credentials and fetches all the user information of Facebook for login. Facebook connect API is used for the same. The main benefit of this feature is that user doesn't have to create accounts and remember password for the website user visits, they can simply get connect with Fundraiser by simple one step.

Fundraiser - Facebook connect


Newsletter Subscription

This feature of Fundraiser is provided in the user sign-up form in which users can subscribe for the weekly newsletters by clicking on the checkbox discover new projects and agreeing to terms and conditions. User will receive weekly newsletters about the new discovered projects on his/her email.

Fundraiser - Newsletter Subscription


Auto mailers

This feature is related to automated mails which are being sent on user's email. In the user sign up form one check-box is there and by clicking on that checkbox user will be able to get the weekly newsletters of new discovered projects on his/her mail from admin. This can be done with the help of scheduler, which sends automated mails. This process is automated because scheduler sends these emails to multiple user email_ids in a particular time-frame otherwise it would be considered as spam.

All products running on Fundraiser platform such as Kickstarter Clone and Crowdfunding Script share the same features.
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