Unique Features

Set Goal or Target

Projects for fundraising have a certain goal or target to meet (goal can be monetary or time based)

In Fundraiser the projects which are posted in website shows certain goal that needed to be achieved or target to meet. Project creator can post the project on website for fundraising, for that he/she has some target in mind which is mentioned as project goal. After the project is posted backer can back the projects by entering the pledge amount. So, the target which is mentioned by creator needed to be achieved in order to get the rewards. This shows that projects in fundraiser have a certain goal or target to meet.

Kickstarter Clone - Set Goal or Target


Upcoming projects

Upcoming projects which are soon to be available can also be viewed by the users

In Fundraiser as projects are divided in different categories, so users (backers) are provided with the facility that they can discover the projects using various filters available. So, upcoming projects are also one type of filter using which user can check the projects which are soon to be available on website.

Kickstarter Clone - Upcoming projects


Effective ways to raise funds

Provides an attractive, smart and clean way to raise funds for various types of projects

In Fundraiser project creator can post the project for fundraising in which creator is provided with a very unique way to raise the funds for different projects which are posted by creators. It simply shows the attractive, smart and clean way in which few steps are there that needed to be completed in order to post the project and raise funds for various projects.


Real-time funding progress bar

As we can see in the picture that in Fundraiser, projects which are posted by Fundraisers are shown with the real time funding progress bar. By viewing this progress bar creators and backers can come to know about the status of the project. Main three things which are included in the progress bar is No. of % funded, $ ___ pledged and no. of days to go. So, this will provide a very unique, attractive and clean way to raise fund for the projects.

Kickstarter Clone - Real-time funding progress bar


Advanced search option

Keywords/tags and location based search and browse module is available

In Fundraiser browse module is given in which user can browse the projects using various search filters. Filters like users can search by location, by keywords, by categories and by featured projects. This is for the ease of user access to discover the projects using various search filters.

Kickstarter Clone - Advanced search option


Private messaging system

It allows you to send personal messages directly to the fundraiser's inbox. In Fundraiser if the backer has any question about the project which is posted, then backer can directly ask this to project creator and this will send mail to creator's inbox. This feature facilitates instant and direct communication between fundraisers and backers/investors. This shows one-to-one communication between backer and project creator.

Kickstarter Clone - Private messaging system


Help tool-tip

Help center

In Fundraiser for the ease of user access a very unique and attractive help tool tip is provided in which user (backer) can search for the FAQ (frequently asked questions). When users are visiting Fundraiser it may happen that users have series of questions with them, so how to answer this? A simple way to this is make one FAQ page in the website in which users can search for the common and frequently asked questions that will help users to understand something (i.e. features or functionality)

Kickstarter Clone - Help tool-tip

All products running on Fundraiser platform such as Kickstarter Clone and Crowdfunding Script share the same features.
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