Admin Features

Ease to operate Admin Panel

Admin panel of NLance is very easy to operate. As shown in the below picture admin can login to NLance's admin panel by providing the credentials (i.e. username and password). Also admin can tick on remember me feature so that it remembers admin credentials from next login. Admin can also recover/change the password using forgot your password feature which provides password reset link to reset the password.

NLance - Ease to operate Admin Panel


Attractive Admin Dashboard

After login with admin credentials admin dashboard is shown which is attractive and user friendly base in terms of representation. The graphical user interface (GUI) of admin panel is so much attractive that it is shown with different modules in the grid view. Modules like user management, category management, escrow management, project management, content management; site maintenance comes in admin dashboard.

NLance - Attractive Admin Dashboard


Rich Text WYSIWYG editor

This intellectual feature helps the host to gain knowledge about their property in the analytics status. It includes reports and statistics on daily visitors, page views, inquiries and reservations made. There will be separated tab in analytics reports for inquiries where admin is able to check inquiries came from visitors for property listings. From analytics tab user also able to see how many reservations made in last period of time and also able to make listings visible or disable from panel.

NLance - Rich Text WYSIWYG editor


Manage membership

Manage membership plans, commission, skills, categories and many more

Admin is provided with simple yet enhanced admin dashboard and many intellectual features. Admin can manage many things in admin panel like manage membership plans, set commission rate, escrow management, dispute management, manage skills, manage categories, manage countries. Admin has the rights make the status as (active/inactive), edit in content and delete the content.

NLance - Manage membership plans

NLance - Manage commission

NLance - Manage skills

NLance - Manage categories

NLance - Manage email templates


User management

Admin can manage the number of users which are associated with the websites as a customer or as a provider. Also manage orders, manage memberships, report abuse and make redeem request also included in user management. Admin can make the record of any user as active/inactive, admin can view user details, edit user details with rich text Ckeditor and can also delete the record of any user. All these facilities are provided in the user management module of NLance's admin panel.

NLance - User management


Category management

Category management is provided in the projects module in which admin can manage different categories and also sub-categories of the same for the particular jobs. Admin can make the status of category as active/inactive, admin can edit in the category and admin can also delete any particular category.

NLance - Category management


Escrow Management

It is a well integrated payment discussion system in which whenever ambiguity arises, both customers as well as the freelancers can arise request to the admin, so that admin clears the issue by reviewing the past conversations and the activities performed by each other. Admin manages both the customer and freelancer to ensure that project work is submitted completely and payment is funded in the providers account. So, admin works as an escrow and all the projects are managed by admin.

NLance - Escrow Management


Project Management

In NLance project management module is provided in admin panel in which admin can manage multiple tasks associated with project management. Naming here few tasks associated with project management are as follows: manage top skills, manage categories and sub categories of project, manage skills, manage project, dispute management and escrow management. Admin has the rights to make the record as active/inactive, view record, edit record and delete record.

NLance - Project Management


CMS Management

Admin has the facility to manage the content (CMS) of the website in which admin can view the content of different pages, make status as active/inactive for any record, edit content and also admin can delete the content of any page/record if required. So, these are all the rights given to admin for CMS management.

NLance - CMS Management


Dispute Management

Whenever there is a conflict between the employer and the freelancer, they bring to your knowledge by using this dispute management system. Admin reviews the issue like a third party source and clears the dispute by favoring the right person. This is one of the most essential features of NLance.

NLance - Dispute Management


Common Management

As there are many modules which are there in admin panel like user management, project management, blog management and common management. So, in the common management module it includes various things as follows: admin panel home, site settings (to change any site settings), change password, manage content (CMS), site maintenance mode (on/off), manage email templates, manage commission (set commission price range), manage abuse keywords and manage countries. Admin can also search by keywords in this./p>

NLance - Common Management


Blog Management

Blog management module is also provided in admin panel along with different modules in which admin can manage the different blog categories and can also perform different operations on it, access privileges are provided to admin for the same like make the status of blog as active/inactive, edit blog and delete blog.

NLance - Blog Management

All products running on NLance platform such as NLance, Freelancer Clone and Freelance Script share the same features.
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