Unique Features

Skills in Demand

In the home page of NLance, top skills are being shown. So, by further clicking on any of the mentioned top skills, it will show freelancers relevant to that skills with also filter provided in which user can search for jobs available with that particular top skill.

NLance - Skills in Demand


List of Service Category

In NLance there is a list of categories are provided to search for jobs or search for freelancers. Different service categories are there like (web development, software development, admin, writers, designers, marketers, accountants, consultants, networking, business services etc.). User can search from any one of the following service category.

NLance - List of Service Category


List of Projects and statistics

As shown in the figure when user logs in as a customer in NLance, customer profile is shown. In account details the statistics of that particular is shown which includes credits which are available in customer's account, amount spent and number of projects which are posted by that particular customer.

NLance - List of Projects and statistics


Project Details

Number of Bids, Budget, Ending Time, Category and status

In NLance when the project is posted by customer and that project will show in the list when freelancer searches for any particular category. It includes details like project name, description, skills requires to do the project, posted date, duration, budget of that project, number of applications (i.e. number of bids), category, sub category and status of that project.

NLance - Number of Bids, Budget, Ending Time, Category and status


Latest Bids Listing

When a project is posted by customer, freelancers can bid on the project. This unique feature of NLance shows the latest bids given by the freelancers. It will also show with the comment box in which both customers and freelancers can comment for further discussion about the project. Latest bids listing simply shows with the number of applications.

NLance - Latest Bids Listing


Payment module is a very important part in NLance. To ensure the system to be transparent we have integrated rich featured PayPal as our payment gateway in NLance. Processes like to deposit the funds in freelancers' account, to release the funds from customers' account, milestone management, dispute management and escrow management payment gateway is required.

NLance - Rich featured Payment Gateway


System Alert message

When submitting an abuse report about customer, a system alert message will generate. Clicking on report abuse about client it will show the message are you sure to report? And after clicking on 'OK' it will show another system generated message that you have successfully reported.

NLance - System Alert message


Search Filters

In NLance various search filters are provided to search for projects and to search for freelancers. Search filters like categories, sub-categories, budget and keywords are used to search for projects or search for freelancers. It will display the results which are relevant according to search criteria.

NLance - Search Filters


Content or Unique Design

In NLance we have provided a very unique design and content to our users for the ease of user access and to have an easy yet enhanced graphical user interface (GUI). So, this unique feature helps the website visitors to visit the website with ease and also can be able to convert them from visitors to users of the website.

NLance - Content or Unique Design


Traffic Figures

In the footer section of NLance it shows some statistics which is related to the traffic generated by the website. Statistics like number of customers associated with the website, total earnings, number of providers, number of projects, numbers of visitors of the website and number of online users are shown. This figures changes every day which shows the usability of the website.

NLance - Traffic Figures


Number of customers

In the footer section of NLance it shows some statistics which is related to the traffic generated by the website. Number of customers mainly shows the total number of customers associated with the website. Today's figure is 210 which is changing every day.

NLance - Number of customers


Number of projects posted


This unique feature shows the total number of projects posted by any particular customer in the website. In the account details it shows the number of projects which are posted by particular customer along with the credit remaining and amount spent.

NLance - Number of projects posted

All products running on NLance platform such as NLance, Freelancer Clone and Freelance Script share the same features.
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