Common Features

Login and Sign up with Email

In the sign up Form user needs to select user type (Tasker/customer) and after that user needs to fill up the required details of the form and user will also be able to login once he/she has activated his/her account.

Below is the screenshot for ‘Sign up Form’-

TaskGator - Sign up with Email


Sign Up with Facebook

In the sign up and login page user will also have the facility to sign up/login using his/her Facebook credentials along with login with Email credentials.

Below is the screenshot for ‘Sign up with Facebook’-

TaskGator - Sign up with Facebook



In Taskgator once task has been completed by Tasker, customer and Tasker will be able to give reviews to each other.


Secure and bug free release

Be it a ready-made script or a custom development solution, at NCrypted we are assuring you that final product which is going to be deployed is secure and bug free. So, that system’s performance can’t get affected due to bugs or errors. In Taskgator we are providing the same to our clients, be it a ready-made script or custom development.


Email Confirmation

By signing up with credentials user will get verification mail on his/her Email. Verification mail contains one account activation link and by clicking on that link, user’s Email Id will get verified and user will be able to login with credentials in website.


Remember me option

User will have an option to select the “Remember me” check-box. By clicking on this option, login credentials of provider or customer will be saved and from the next time it will help user to log in to his/her dashboard.

Below is the screenshot for 'Remember me option’-

TaskGator - Remember me option


Forgot Password

In Taskgator, Password recovery feature is mainly used to retrieve the password which is already forgotten. User needs to enter Email Id when user clicks on Forgot password option. User will get system generated password with a link to login. User can login with new system generated password and thereafter can change his/her password.

Below is the screenshot for ‘Forgot Password’-

TaskGator - Forgot Password


Report Service

Tasker will be able to report to admin if he/she finds something inappropriate in the service. Service which is marked as reported will be notified to admin.


Report Taskers

Customers will be able to report Tasker if customer finds something inappropriate w.r.t Tasker.

Below is the screenshot for ‘Report Taskers’-

TaskGator - Report Taskers


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In Taskgator, FAQ page is added in which users (Tasker and customer) can check different questions related to website and FAQs will be managed by admin.

Below is the screenshot for ‘Frequently Asked Questions’-

TaskGator - Frequently Asked Questions


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