Marketing & Promotional Features

On-page SEO

This feature of Busewe is not only intellectual in user friendly based, but also smart in search engine friendly aspect. It lists your website on the top of the result of the search results searched by keywords. Different on-page SEO technique helps to display the website on the foremost pages of Google search.


Promotional Panel

It can also be known as social bookmarking / promotional panel. This is the marketing and promotional feature of Busewe in which user can share the website details on LinkedIn, share it on Google+, like it on Facebook, tweet it and pin it. So this is how the social media is integrated in Busewe.

Busewe - Promotional Panel


Social sharing bookmarks

In Busewe social media is integrated with a social bookmarking panel. By clicking on its fevicon it connects with that page. By clicking on Facebook fevicon it opens the Facebook page. Facebook connect API is used for the same. After login user can like that particular page/post, comment on post, share it etc… Same way for Twitter, Linked-in and Google+ pages relevant connect API is used.

Busewe - Social sharing bookmarks


Rank on Alexa

Alexa internet ranks websites based on a combined measure of page views and unique site visitors. Alexa creates a list of "top websites" based on this data time-averaged over three month period.


Page Rank on Google

Page rank in an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. Page Rank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. It is shown in number between 0 – 10.


Set site Age

User (as a seller) specifies all the steps at the time of listing of website/domain. So, the detail of websites like page views, visitors, domain registration date and many more are automatically fetched from that particular website. So, based on that websites can be classified according to age of that website (i.e. at least 3 months / 6 months / 1 year / 2 years / 3 years).

Busewe - Set site Age



A Testimonial is something that recommends a person or thing as worthy or desirable, in simple terms it is related to reviews written by clients. Different clients from across the world can post their reviews for Busewe. This is a marketing feature which is displayed in the home page of Busewe.

Busewe - Testimonials



Blogs are very important part of any site. In Busewe admin can post different blogs by him/her self in the blog module. This module will show different blogs posted by admin and by further clicking on read more button it will show the full blog details with comments posted by different buyers on it and admin also has the facility to leave the reply to it.

Busewe - Blog



Watch Listings that interest you, updates you with the progress of an auction

When the user is in hurry at that time user can save the listing in the watch list. It completely depends on user which listings (i.e. auctions) he/she wants to save in the watch list. Listings that interests user can be saved in the watch list. It will show all the updates to user related to that listing in the watch list. User can also delete any listing from the watch list.

All products running on Busewe platform such as Flippa Clone and Marketplace Script share the same features.
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