Unique Features

Watch Listings

Watch Listings that interest you, updates you with the progress of an auction

When the user is in hurry at that time user can save the listing in the watch list. It completely depends on user which listings (i.e. auctions) he/she wants to save in the watch list. Listings that interests user can be saved in the watch list. It will show all the updates to user related to that listing in the watch list. User can also delete any listing from the watch list.

Busewe - Watch Listings



It allows comments system on the site listing

In Busewe this unique feature is provided to users in which user can comment on a website/domain which is for sell. Website detail page contains all the statistics which is verified by Google Analytics. In website detail page this facility is also provided to users in which user can comments on the website.

Busewe - Comments and Reviews


Thumbnail Capture

Automatic thumbnail capture on website listing

In Busewe we are providing the facility that when seller is listing his/her website for sell then using Google Analytics API it fetches all the statistics details of that website and by using 3rd party API it also fetches automatic thumbnail capture of that website. As we see from the below figure that auto thumbnail capture of Justdial.com is provided with other details in the website detail page.

Busewe - Thumbnail Capture


Listings Classification

Classification of listing on bases of most active, new, ending soon, and many more

As we can see from the below figure that listings are classified based on different categories like featured listing, new listing, most active, price range (gold, silver, bronze), ending soon, just sold and browse listing with different industries. This is provided in the browse listing module in which user can search for the listing accordingly.

Busewe - Listings Classification


Browse Listings

Browse by various criteria like site type, implementation

As shown in the below figure user can browse the listing by various criteria like site type, content type, implementation and source of income. Various tags are provided for the same by which user can browse accordingly.

Busewe - Browse Listings



Statistics on sales and bidding

In Busewe statistics related to sales and bidding displays in the footer section of the website. Statistics like number of listings open, number of bids in last 7 days, number of $ sell in last 7 days, % of websites sold and number of $ sell overall is shown in the different statistics of sales and bidding.

Busewe - Statistics on sales and bidding


Latest Bids Listing

User dashboard contains details like activity overview, history (bids, offers and sold auctions), watch list (watch list, tags and sellers), financial details, private messages, change account settings and bids that particular user has made is displayed. In the latest bids listing it shows the bids based on the date that user has made the bid. So, latest bids will be shown first. It includes details like site owner, site name, bid price, bid status and date and time.

Busewe - Latest Bids Listing


Payment Gateway

Payment module is a very important part in Busewe when any transaction happens between buyer and seller. To ensure the system to be transparent we have integrated rich featured PayPal as our payment gateway in Busewe. PayPal Adaptive payment method is used for payments


Help Tool

Help tool-tip

This unique feature is provided for the ease of user access. Suppose if the user if surfing the Busewe platform and if user is unable to understand something then help tool-tip is integrated as a question-mark after particular thing and by pointing mouse arrow over it user can come to know what actually it is.

Busewe - Help tool-tip


System Alert Message

System Alert/Error message

As shown in the below figure when user is bidding for auction of website as a buyer, he/she needs to enter bidding amount. If user has entered bid amount which is < $ 300, as mentioned here that minimum bid is 300, then system will show alert message to user or in some cases error message if required in Busewe.

Busewe - System Alert/Error message


Tags to your listing

User can mention different tags to his/her listing when listing his/her website or auction for sell. User can mention different tags based on content type, site type, source of income and implementation details. So, based on classification it will show the details of tags in the website detail page.

Busewe - Tags to your listing

Busewe - Tags to your listing


Content or Unique Design

In Busewe we have provided a very unique design and content to our users for the ease of user access and to have an easy yet enhanced graphical user interface (GUI). So, this unique feature helps the website visitors to visit the website with ease and also can be able to convert them from visitors to users of the website.

Busewe - Content or Unique Design


Traffic Figures

Traffic figures shows the traffic details related to website which is posted by seller. Traffic figures includes number of page views website has for last 3 months (i.e. average of 3 months) and unique visitors website have for last 3 months. This also includes the detail that traffic of your website is verified using Google Analytics.

Busewe - Traffic Figures


This module provides the facility to search for auctions in an advance manner. User can search for the auction based on different search criteria's provided like listing format, auction status, age of website (i.e. how many months old?), time remaining, revenue, net profit, property type, auction price and traffic of website. For all these criteria's radio buttons are provided in which user can select only one value.

Busewe - Advance search


Advanced sorting option

When user searches for the auction it will display the result on the search result page with search criteria's user has mentioned. In the search result page advance sorting options are also provided in which user can search accordingly. Like user can sort results based on date listed, time end, number of bids and current price. User can also save his/her search and it will be shown in the your saved searches.

Busewe - Advanced sorting option


User confidence ratings

In Busewe user has to verify details like verify ownership and verify phone number and social networking sites. So, this is used to count the confidence rating of that user. As shown in the below figure user confidence rating is 3/5 which is 60% in percentage because user has verified her social networking sites connectivity (i.e. Facebook(1.5), LinkedIn(0.75) and Twitter(0.75)) but user has not verified her phone number.

Busewe - User confidence ratings


Visitor count

Visitor count shows the number of unique visitors particular website has in last 3 months (i.e. number of visitors have visited that website). It comes in the traffic details of the website. In the below figure example of Justdial.com is shown which has 20000 unique visitors in last 3 month.

Busewe - Visitor count


Account activity overview

In the account activity overview it shows the past activities which is done by user in the user dashboard. It also includes activity feed in which auctions produced by user as a seller is shown. User can view listing, edit listing, relist the particular listing and can also delete the listing.

Busewe - Account activity overview

All products running on Busewe platform such as Flippa Clone and Marketplace Script share the same features.
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