Revenue Model of Busewe

NCrypted Websites’ Busewe is a resourceful selling and buying marketplace website where sellers and buyers get connected to sell and buy websites. It is an inventive website marketplace software that enables to start with your own online marketplace website.

The revenue models that have been used in Busewe are as follows:

  • Listing fees
  • Commission
  • Fancy features cost for listing

Listing Fees

Admin will set a fixed price for adding a listing. When any user is adding a new listing, he/she has to pay the fixed price to admin.

Listing Based

Commission Module

Admin will set commission (%) for the sellers and buyers who would be selling and buying domains/websites online.

For e.g. if a buyer buys an item worth $100 USD and if the % commission set by admin for buyer is 5% and for seller is 10%, the buyer will actually pay $105 USD and the seller will actually receive $90 USD.

Commission Module

Fancy features cost for listing

Admin will set price for different fancy features that can be applied to the listing. So, if user wants to avail any of them, they pay the amount and get it applied Below are the features available

  • Listing on front page
  • Listing with title bold
  • Listing with entire row bold
  • Listing with screen-shots
  • Hide listing from URL
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