ConnectIn is a professional networking software that enables you to get started with your own online community websites like Linkedin, which is a cross-disciplinary website for business connections and professionals to achieve work goals.

This is how your business can earn its share of revenue.

There are three revenue models in website:

  • Membership Plans
  • Adhoc InMails
  • Featured Jobs




Membership plans would be created by admin for users to purchase for getting InMails facilities. InMails is used to send a message to a user who is not in your connection list.

Following details would be required while creating a plan:

  • Plan name
  • Plan description
  • Plan image
  • No. of InMails access
  • Price per month

Whenever a user purchases a plan, he/she would get reminder 5 days and 2 days before the plan would expire so that he/she can review the plan as per the requirements.

If the user doesn’t upgrade/renew, he/she would not have further access to InMails.



The user would b having an option to buy adhoc InMails. Admin will set price of one InMail from admin panel. If user wants to buy additional inMails, he/she would be asked to enter the quantity and depending on the amount per inMail Price, he/she would have to pay.







When a user posts a job, he/she would have an option to make that job featured by making a payment for the amount as set by admin.


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