Common Features

Login and Sign up

Login and Sign up with Facebook, Sign up with Email

In NLance user can register as a freelancer as well as customer simultaneously. Because there are two user types in NLance, so there are two separate dashboards for freelancers as well as customers. User just needs to sign up by filling up the form with the required fields. In NLance facility is also provided to user in which user can sign up or login with the Facebook credentials, which uses Facebook connect API to fetch all relevant user information.

NLance - Login

NLance - Sign up


Social media integration

Social media integration for sharing, likes, bookmarking facility, and many more

In NLance social media is integrated with a social bookmarking panel. By clicking on its fevicon it connects with that page. By clicking on Facebook fevicon it opens the Facebook page. Facebook connect API is used for the same. After login user can like that particular post, comment on post, share it etc… Same way for Twitter, Linked-in and Google+ pages relevant connect API is used.

NLance - Social media integration


Feedback and review system

In NLance this intellectual feature is provided to freelancer as well as customer to give feedback and reviews about each other. After the completion of the project freelancer and customer can review each other and can give ratings to each other. For a customer review is based on the quality, correctness and accuracy of work done by freelancer and for a freelancer review is to get the full payment, milestone payment and file dispute against customer if required.

NLance - Feedback and review system


List view

When searching for jobs or providers or browsing the jobs or providers in NLance, it will show the results in list view in the search result page. List view is the main view in which all the jobs are being shown in NLance.

NLance - List view


Secure and bug free release

Be it a ready-made script or a custom development solution, at NCrypted we are assuring you that final product which is going to be deployed in the market is secure and bug free. So, that system's performance can't get affected due to bugs or errors. In NLance we are providing the same to our clients, be it a ready-made script or custom development.


Email Confirmation

Email confirmation is used to verify user Email, user gets verification mail for the same and by clicking on it the Email is verified. In NLance when any new user signing up in the website for the first time by filling up the form as a freelancer or customer, he/she will get the verification mail on his/her email which is mentioned at the time of registration.

NLance - Email Confirmation


Password recovery

Forgot password

This feature of NLance helps to recover the password which is already forgotten. As shown in the below figure, user needs to provide his/her email address through which he/she has registered on the website and new password will be sent to user on his/her email.

NLance - Password recovery - Forgot Password


Report spam/abuse

This intellectual feature is provided to freelancer in which freelancer can make abuse report of client. After the project is completed, if there is any dispute happens related to payment or if client is not willing to pay full amount then freelancer can submit an abuse report of client. This will show additional dialogue box that your report has been submitted.

NLance - Report spam/abuse


FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

In NLance static page of FAQ's is added in which users (freelancer or customers) can check the different questions related to any terminology or site. This is mainly there for the ease of user access which will guide the users to understand the site flow as well as something that they don't understand. This is admin manageable in which admin can add relevant pages of FAQ's for different categories.

All products running on NLance platform such as NLance, Freelancer Clone and Freelance Script share the same features.
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