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Private message

This flexible feature of NLance allows effective communication system between freelancers and customers. By using private messaging system, freelancers can clarify queries, start a conversation and build a friendly relation with the customer. On the other hand, employer can get to know the preference of the freelancer with reference to the projects. It shows all the communication messages between customer and freelancer in freelancer's inbox. Inbox (received mails), sent items (mails), deleted items (mails) are shown in the freelancer's private messages module.

NLance - temp


Bidding Module

In NLance bidding module is intellectually integrated, through which freelancers can effectively bid on the projects they are interested. As we can see from the figure that bidding module can be effective after clicking on apply to this job. After filling the details like bid amount, estimated duration, cover letter and escrow required? And after clicking on submit button freelancer can successfully place bid on that project. So, this shows the bidding module.

NLance - Bidding Module

NLance - Bidding Module


Place bids on project

Freelancers can bid on any project they are interested in working with. To place bid on any project freelancers need to enter the details like bid amount (fixed or min. amount – max. amount), estimated duration in which freelancer can be able to complete project if awarded, cover letter and requirement of escrow or not. After freelancer has bidded on any project, message will be displayed like you have successfully applied to this project.

NLance - Place bids on project


Search Project

Freelancers can search for the various projects which are under different project categories according to his/her skills. In NLance freelancers can search for various projects from the browse menu in which search panel is provided and freelancers can also search by different filters provided like categories, sub categories and budget.

NLance - Search Project


Comments and Reviews

In NLance by using this feature freelancer can comment on any project and also can give reviews about the client after the completion of project. In the view project section all the details of any project is shown and below it comment box is given which is a two way process. It means both freelancer and customer can give comments in the comment box and can review each other after the completion of project.

NLance - Reviews


Financial Dashboard

This intellectual feature is provided to freelancers when they login as a service seeker in NLance. In the user dashboard of freelancer along with the user profile this financial dashboard is also shown in which freelancer can see all the financial statistics related to his/her work. Like freelancer can see applied projects, status of any project, customer, and milestones created, pending amount, paid amount and starting date of project.

NLance - Financial Dashboard


View Applied Jobs

Freelancer can see all the jobs he/she has applied by clicking on my jobs as shown in the figure. It shows all the details of job like project name, customer name, budget, total applicants, status of job, job posted date, category, sub category and skills related to jobs.

NLance - View Applied Jobs


Favorite projects

Freelancer can mark the project as their favorite and this will show in the list of favorite project marked by freelancer. In the user profile freelancer can check this by clicking on my favorite's option. This is completely depending on freelancer to mark any project as favorite which he/she thinks as important or requires to be completed urgent.

NLance - Favorite projects



Freelancer can receive all the notifications related to project or job by just ticking on it. It completely depends on freelancer that which notifications he/she wants to receive. As shown in the below figure freelancer wants to receive all the notifications like when someone sends him a message, when a job is posted or expired, workroom messages, so he will receive all the notifications related to this.

NLance - Notifications


View client details

In NLance freelancer can go to the jobs in my jobs section and after clicking on any project it will show all the details of that particular project. In which details about client are also shown and by clicking on the hyperlink of client name, it will show all the details of that particular client and thus freelancer can see all the details of the client.

NLance - View client details

NLance - View client details


View workroom

Freelancers can view workroom by clicking on any project in my jobs module. By clicking on my jobs, the entire project list is shown and then clicking on any single project will open its workroom in freelancer's dashboard. Project details, messages between freelancer and customer, files attachment, dispute management, terms and milestone all these details are shown. Freelancer can also give feedback about customer by giving reviews after the completion of project.

NLance - View workroom

All products running on NLance platform such as NLance, Freelancer Clone and Freelance Script share the same features.
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