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Work with our highly creative team for a dynamic digital presence for your university business that demands attention from your visitors. We design and develop according to your requirement while keeping your target audience in mind.

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Decades ago, the world of institution was mainly run by those who would teach. It has changed drastically. Lately, it has become a business and educational institutes have been recruiting management graduates to run their institutes just as a company. With that also came the world of advertising and marketing. No one thought a few years ago that there will be days when educational institutes will have to advertise themselves and attract students to them. So the success of a university, college or high school does not only depend on the quality of education, but also depends on the above mentioned points as well. But along with all those aspects, there is one very crucial aspect of the web presence.

Internet has become the most used way of searching anything. We rely a lot on the reviews on the internet; even more than real reviews. NCrypted helps you have that online presence and helps you decrease the distance between your university and your targeted student group by helping you develop a strong university website design. We are in an age where admissions are done online. Having no online presence is considered as a sin in today's time. Here we discuss why having a good website is so important for universities.

Our University Website Design Plans

  • Custom Website Design for your University
  • Full-Fledged University Website Design with ECommerce and Membership modules to accept online registrations, payments and donations

Why is it so important to have a good university website design?

Having a good website is recommended to every business owners. The field of education is no exception. It is a proven fact that having a good website and a good accessibility on your website helps you gain more business, in this case, helps you gain more students. Following are some points that elaborate why is it so important to have a very strong university website design.

Why NCrypted for your University Website Design?

From NCrypted, you get a fully functional and working website. It comes with fully working scripts, forms, hyperlinks and it also has an integrated module for course finding that enables your website to provide exact matching courses based on the refined searches. It results in zero conflicts. With this function, you can manage all the course related content yourself. You also get full time technical support along with our design. We remain available even after sales and even when the university website design is running. We have our technical support available all the time for our customers.

We also install your website on the server and hand over you the admin credentials for you to make further changes in the website. As mentioned above, our full time technical support is always available.

You get a custom made website, which is our main feature. We don't offer you static templates, which pretty much leave you on your own. Unlike other websites, who directly offer you ready-made designs, we ask you for your preferences and your requirements, and we build a dynamic custom made website on our already available standard frameworks.

Our highly professional hierarchy is one of our standout features. We make sure you have a team dedicated after your project and a leader with whom you can talk directly all the time. We are always open to custom changes and updates. Even after sales, we have our technical department which is always available for further technical support.

SEO Services

Our specialised SEO services are designed to boost up your startup. Digital marketing is an essential element for the growth of online university business. We have developed On Page and Off Page SEO services that can improve the search engine visibility, and also help driving genuine traffic to your university website. 

Mobile Friendly Design 

Our university website design is 100% responsive made with NCrypted's mobile-ready framework. Your university website will be easy to use from all mobile devices, which is good from the user point of view as well as SEO. As people are turning to mobile devices, mobile-friendliness is a required feature for any website. You university business will thrive with our lighting fast mobile-friendly designs. 

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How NCrypted Websites delivers business value?

How NCrypted Websites delivers business value?

Our primary focus would be on understanding your requirements related to online university business and providing you with technology solutions while keeping your target audience and market in mind. We understand that a serious project is an on-going engagement that requires technical, functional, financial and emotional commitment. We want to believe in your idea as much as you do. Get in touch to find out how NCrypted Websites can help bring your idea to life so that you can go to market with confidence.

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