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Wikipedia Clone

Wikipedia Clone Script

A Powerful Wikipedia Clone


Ready-made or Custom

We understand that simply using ready-made script will not fulfill all your niche market requirements. So we provide you with an opportunity to customize according to your demand so you need not have to pay for the functionalites that are not necessary for your business. 

Why NCrypted for Wikipedia Clone

Standard platform with basic in-built features that enables you to kickstart your project. It is very crucial to develop your product quickly with quality and cost-effective rates. NCrypted's solution enables you to do that. Stop wasting time on 3rd party script.
Revenue Model

Revenue Model

Revenue can be generated from your Wikipedia Clone by advertising banners module. Our business team will help to judge which revenue model that suits your business so that you can go to market with confidence.
Support and Maintenance

On-going Support and Maintenance

NCrypted is your one stop solution. We assume full responsibility of not only design to development and deployment but for on-going support and maintenance after development as well.

What is Wikipedia Clone?

Wikipedia is designed to handle a large number of users and pages without imposing too rigid a structure or workflow. Wikipedia is a free content, multilingual encyclopedia written collaboratively by contributors all around the world.

Wikipedia Clone is extremely powerful, scalable software and a feature-rich wiki implementation, that uses PHP to process and display data stored in its MySQL database. Wikipedia Clone is an online encyclopedia website clone like Wikipedia website. NCrypted offers fully customized Wikipedia Clone where you can make any changes at development level as well as you allowed to include your customized features.

Salient features of Wikipedia Clone Script

  • Wikipedia clone script is user friendly site, which enables anyone to edit or add characters, articles and summaries
  • Wikipedia clone allows keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are used in Wikipedia site for easy and fast accessibility
  • Wikipedia clone site enables users to create an account with username and password in order to edit the page or article, if one doesn't wish to let his IP address known
  • Wikipedia clone script offers search tool to allow a search for specific title page or for information on particular keyword
  • Provides flexible, standards-compliant and lightweight website
  • The content can be published either online or offline
  • Provides reusability and re-distribution of the content

Thumbnails for Wikipedia Clone

Here is how majority of Wikipedia Clone scripts look like in terms of layout and navigation. Based upon the finalized features for your Wikipedia Clone, layout navigation, modules and panel positioning, color combination and functionality of the overall application will be determined. Moreover, additional functionality can be added in the site as per your requirement. All the content will be easily manageable using the CMS (Content Management System) that will be provided to you in the Admin Panel.

Wikipedia Clone Wikipedia Clone Script

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