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Customize JobGator

JobGator Professional Job Portal Website - Custom made for you !

Contact us if you are looking for a custom development solution for your niche target requirements. Customizing Jobgator at your own repose is not irksome as the platform is highlyscalable, powerful and expedient. Jobgator is bundled with advanced features which makes it easy to customize based on your requirements.

Admin Panel easily allows you to manage your activities

Jobgator comes in bundled with remarkable admin panel alongside a statistics, user management, smart search module, reports, project management, online payment management, etc. One of the foremost features is that our online support(technicians) are ever-ready to lend you a helping hand if you’re having any queries.

Content Management System (CMS) to manage content

The Admin Panel of Jobgator entitles you to manage your On-Page SEO activities such as title, meta data for all user generated and admin controlled pages (static content such as About Us, Legal etc.). CMS module enables you to manage content of your entire website for all languages (if Multi-Language module is enabled with the Enterprise Edition)

Extend Job Portal website features with your unique requirements

We are here to assist. Be it for a few additional features or a complete custom development project, talk to us and we will deliver. It’s fairly understandable that your project may require customization for your niche target requirements such as adding new features, altering existing modules, get a new UI design, etc. These all can be done - Get in touch with us.

With NCrypted, the possibilities are endless. Contact us today to discuss your customization requirement.

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