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Soundify Features

Soundify Admin Features


Ease to use Admin panel

Admin panel of Soundify is highly enriched yet simple to use wherein admin can easily manage its site features and settings


Attractive Admin dashboard

Admin Dashboard is attractive and it consist of Rich Text WYSIWYG Editor which makes it very user friendly in terms of its design as well as data representation


Statistics and Graphs

Admin Dashboard contains various statistics and charts which will help admin in his/her data analysis


Content management System

Admin has an option to manage the content of the static pages of the website where he can add or edit the content of the page


User management

Admin has an option to manage the users, both Artist and listener, who have signed up on the system.


Group management

Admin has an option to manage group which is been created by the users who have signed up on the system


Comment management

Admin will have an option to details of the comments posted by the users in front and also can perform action such as edit , view , delete and set status as active/deactive on the comments


Track management

In case of track uploaded by the users , admin will be able to manage the track details , by editing the track content easily from admin panel


Track category management

Category along with the description can be managed with all ease from admin panel.


Site settings

The basic settings for the website like logo, banner images, payment settings, emails and many others can be done using this feature


Track slider management

Admin will be able to manage the slide show of the track, by uploading track images along with the ease of selecting track category, ,name , upload image and set active/deactive operations


Track keywords management

Admin will be able to manage the keywords of the track by entering keyword name , description and managing status as active and deactive

Soundify Homepage management


Trending categories

Admin can select which trending categories to showcase on home page. It can be done within category management.


How it works

Admin can update the text for how it works section. A pretty simple text will give an insight to users to check the demo.


Social media URLs


Admin can add social media urls from the admin panel which are placed in the footer and clicking on that will open the respective page.


Banner image

Home page banner will have banner image uploaded from the admin panel along with the tagline text.

Soundify General features


Email Sign up and login

Users of Soundify can sign up/login the website by filling the required details using the same email address


Facebook Connect

In the sign up and login page user will also have the facility to sign up/login using his/her Facebook credentials along with login with Email credentials.


Payment gateway

Payment handling is a vital piece of Soundify, to empower smooth and perfect payment, PayPal standard has been incorporated in the framework.


Password recovery

In the event that if the user overlooks his/her password to login to Soundify, he/she can utilize the enrolled email to sustain the password.


Remember me option

In the vent that if the user wishes to save the password for future reference then user can utilize remember me feature


Secure and bug free release

Be it a read-made script or a custom development solution, at NCrypted, we deliver a secure and bug free product at your disposal.


Tags of tracks

Users can give tags to his/her tracks while uploading the tracks and will also be used in the search algorithms of tracks

Soundify Marketing and promotional features


On page SEO

Soundify offers to provide page titles, meta keywords and descriptions as and where required to make the pages search engine friendly


SEO Friendly URLs

In Soundify, the urls that have been used are SEO friendly and proves to be useful from search engine perspective.

Soundify Security features



This feature is used to ensure that unauthorized email has not been used to access the website by sending verification link over email when the user signs up


SQL injection and xss hacking proof coding structure


Coding structure used in Soundify is designed in a way to prevent SQL injections and XSS attacks thereby keeping the code secure



This feature when used in sign up form will avoid spam registrations and entries on the system


Database Indexing for fast page loading

With this feature in place, the speed of data retrieval would be reduced thereby rendering faster results 

*Only available in Enterprise Edition

All products running on Soundify platform such as SoundCloud Clone share the same features.


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