TaskGator is a peer to peer marketplace that allows you to start your own online marketplace software similar to TaskRabbit, USource, SuperTasker, etc.

NCrypted Websites’ TaskGator is modishly designed in a way to let people link up with one another in locality to get their errands done by reliable sources.

This is how your business can earn its share of revenue.


TaskGator is built upon commission-based model where revenue is generated from the Tasker in form of commission towards the services they use over the platform.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Admin will set commission (%) for taskers who would be performing tasks.If the tasker performed a task worth $1000 USD and if the % commission set by admin is 10% then the tasker will receive $900 USD and $100 USD will go to admin.




Admin will set commission (in %) for the funds being deposited to and redeemed from the wallet. This percentage would be applicable to all the transactions.

For e.g. if the user is depositing $1000 USD in his wallet and the deposit % is set as 5%, $50 USD would go to admin and the remaining $950 USD would be seen as credit in his wallet. Similarly, if the user is redeeming $1000 USD from his wallet and the redeem % is set as 3%, $30 USD would go to admin and the remaining $970 USD would be redeemed to him, thereby deducting the wallet balance by $1000 USD


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