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97% of Your Website Visitors Never Buy

97% of visitors leave your website without making a conversion move, and 70% never return back since they cannot believe that you can be trusted.

Did You Know 85% of Website Visitors Think Reviews Older than 3 Months are Inappropriate?

A global survey found that potential buyers term online reviews older than a quarter as inappropriate in this fast-moving world.

Did You Know 60% of People Purchase because of FOMO?

Researchers found 60% of people make a purchase because of FOMO, most of them within 24 hours. The ratio further increases in millennials and gen z.

Why Social Proof App is the Need of the Hour to Turn Your Visitors into Conversions?

In order to outpace the competition, enhancement of your marketing strategy is a must. Social proof is powerful enough to grow your business to newer heights. Social proof notifications are a simple way to harness the attention of your website visitors. Moreover, it up scales the urgency of your products in order to create the "FOMO." When many of the world's top tech giants use social proof apps, it has to be an effective one.

GProve - Social Proof App for More Conversions on Site

GProve social proof app converts real-time data into social proof notifications. These popups show how busy your website is and instantly build trust. NCrypted's GProve social proof app shows notifications for the sales (latest sales). So, the visitors can know that other customers already trust your brand and are using your products.

GProve up scales the conversions by highlighting the recent orders, reviews of a product, as well as varied other customer reviews on your website. Get access to the smart, attractive as well as customized social proof notification software. Make your website look busy yet trustworthy in order to increase conversions and outpace your competitors!

Why Use GProve Social Proof App to Never Miss a Lead Again?

It's hard to say how "hot" the website is. GProve social proof app makes your customer's online experience informative yet trustworthy, increases customers, and skyrocket sales conversions with GProve- the best social proof app.

Build Trust for your Brand
92% of people will trust recommendations from their peers. If you don't take advantage of the social proof app on your website today, then you're definitely missing out!

Flexible + reliable
GProve is out of the box due to a highly-reliable real-time tracking feature. It reliably tracks all the events with a delay of a second.

1-Click Setup
Setting up GProve is just a cakewalk - it takes less than 5 minutes flat. With GProve you don't need to hustle with any codes, - It's just simple copy and paste! Once GProve is live on your site, it will definitely boost your engagement and conversions.

Backed by a Trusted Team of Technocrats
GPprove is brought to you by the leading software development company with business expertise of 16+ years.

GProve Plays Well With all the Industries
Easily add GProve to any website, targeting varied industries. Our social proof app is fully-flexible for all industries.

Create Scarcity with Proven Tool
GProve increases the rate of conversion by creating scarcity. Displaying the verified popups based on user behavior will increase your click rate.

Only verified sales. Build trust.
Show that your purchase is completely verified and legitimate in order to build trust in customers of your brand.

Increases involvement and conversion
By using our social proof app, the visitors will get encouraged with FOMO notifications; it uplifts their desires to take action, which in return increases sales.

100% verified
We only show verified data as the social proof, so your customers can trust whatever they see is real.

Talk to the Customers in their Language
GProve displays the notification in varied languages. Just customize the language you need and start growing.

Limitless customization
Show notifications to your customers with the customization you want.

How GProve is the Best Social Proof Solution to Sky-Rocket Your Conversions? 

GProve is a legitimate marketing platform that utilizes yet automates the genuine strength of social evidence in order to instantly optimize the conversion, trust as well as sales.

Instant Boost
See immediate encouragement in every conversion behavior.

Activity showcase
Track and highlight real purchases, registration and more.

Smart Targeting
Show social evidence to the right person at the right time.

Flexible design
Use our out-of-the-box social proof app for every detail.

No code is needed
GProve is easy to set up, it's just copy and paste and set it in less than 5 minutes.


The Product that pays for itself in the first sale? – YES, It's that Good!


Boost Your Conversions with GProve Social Proof App -It’s Just The 3-Step Process!


Add GProve to your site that is fast and simple. You just have to copy the code and attach it to your site.


After the code is copied on your site, let the action of other visitors do your marketing!


Within minutes, you will start converting numerous visitors into your customers just by using our robust social proof app.

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Promote discounts and specials with fully personalized website banners to increase your website sales.

Over 500 startups trust NCrypted with their business

Over 500 startups trust NCrypted with their business

I worked with NCrypted over a period of 3 months to define a hyper-local social media app.I found them highly professional and conscientious throughout the process, and they delivered a great platform to me and my team. They were diligent in their specs, statement of work, development, QA and deployments.

Peter Goult - Saffron Technology Labs


From the beginning to end and now all what the whole team have done to make sure in assisting me have been a great experience. NCrypted is just like my second home. Thank goodness they are in the market as they always listen and give the best you can expect.

David Valero - Courier Bids, LLC


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Getting Traffic but Not Conversions? Our Social Proof App Can Help You Do That!


NCrpted’s GProve social proof notification software is used to attract your site visitors when building urgency to buy your product. GProve social proof app will help you display user activity on your website. GProve Social Proof App will encourage brand loyalty that will increase the conversion rates of sale to buy products as well as services. Our Social proof app increases the sales, conversion, registration as well as it will convert visitors into customers. Get in touch to find out how NCrypted Solutions can help in converting visitors to your esteemed clients.

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