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Features - GProve

GProve Features

Display Recent activity

Build trust with customers by showing real orders.

Display the Number of direct visitors

Your website is popular, let others know! This is also known as "FOMO" creation.

Recent conversions

See the latest conversions or signups and boost the confidence of visitors.

LTR language setup

Speak to your customers in their own language. GProve supports a complete 360-degree different setup for varied languages.

Custom style

The GProve Social Proof app lets you choose what your push notification will look like. You can also choose colours, accents and much more. Set as many notification icons as you can. Choose how you want your pop-ups to behave.

Customize pop-up windows

Write whatever you want anywhere on your website. Upload images, compose any message, set timing and behaviour, add links and interactive features.

Create pop-ups in minutes

Configure pop ups easily with our drag-and-drop popup designer.


Coupon Pop-ups for More sales

Our Social proof app empowers with coupon pop-ups in order to offer rewards immediately after signing up to drive higher conversions.

Countdown timer

GProve Social proof app aids to build urgency with real-time countdown timers on product pages to increase sales.


High-end Real time countdown

Calculates in seconds, minutes, hours and days for any date in any time zone.

Highly- mobile Responsive. Always.

A beautiful mobile responsive countdown timer that works perfectly on networks and mobile devices.

“On Fire” Pop-ups

Indicate how many people took action in a given time period. Ideal for using FOMO (Fear of Missing) on landing pages and checkouts.

Flexible design options

Create attractive notifications for conversions. Customize messages, colors, images and more to match the look of your website.


Insane easy setup

GProve "just works". Setup takes less than 5 minutes, no code required. All the options you need, without complicated settings wasting your time.


Works on any website

GProve works seamlessly with all major website platforms including WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, and more.


Scarcity reports: speed up decision making

Buyers are most attracted to items that are popular with other customers. Use FOMO by creating an emergency with a low availability message. Show remaining stock to highlight how bad a product is so customers don't miss anything.


Cross selling

You don't need to apply any code for our app. Just drag and drop without any tags or div scripts.


Thank your customers for their order by offering a discount on the next one.

Show active visitor

This award-winning feature empowers you to make an impression by showing how busy your site really is.

Announcement bar

Promote discounts and specials with fully personalized website banners to increase your website sales.

Trust badge

Display payment badges on product pages to build trust and drive more sales to the website.


Choose the Placement

Select an available location where the notification will appear.


Choose the type of widget

Select the widget type to decide which customer activity should be shown in notifications.


Feedback Collector

This feature of our social proof app enables us to show notifications in order to collect feedback from users & collect users real time data.

Social sharing

Create social sharing notifications for website visitors to share your website.


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