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Shopping Clone

Shopping Clone Script

A Scalable Shopping Clone

Scalable, User-friendly

Scalable, User-friendly


Shopping Clone is a very scalable, robust and user-friendly clone.

SEO Friendly Design

SEO Friendly Design


Shopping clone comes with On-page SEO. Thus saving your budget on marketing and additional SEO tasks.

Custom Build

Custom Build


Shopping clone by NCrypted® is a highly scalable and robust script which can easily be customized for your unique requirements, whether it be for a new design or additional features.

SEO and Marketing ready platform

SEO and Marketing ready Platform


Shopping Clone comes loaded with On-Page SEO and marketing modules, saving you thousands of dollars you would otherwise have to spend with other ready-made cheap scripts.

What is Shopping Clone?

Shopping clone script is very easy and user friendly script used to sale or sell of your products or services online. This script is the perfect way to start your own profitable search engine. Shopping Clone allows consumers to compare products types, products features and pricing at one location before they buy. The consumer typically types in what they are looking for and gets a list of vendors. It allows you to search for products from hundreds of online vendors.

Shopping clone which is an e-commerce site clone allows you to create clone into your shopping website. A major aspect of this type of clone website is of the way the feeds are imported. For example, you can submit products through the product data feed.

Salient features of Shopping Clone Script

  • Shopping clone script features the ability to search for products from thousands of merchants or browse by product category
  • It offers member ratings of products
  • A new topic is created automatically for every deal
  • It is very easy to use search tools
  • It offers engaging content and time saving navigation
  • 100% SEO Friendly
  • Users can manage unlimited products/categories
  • Users can add Google AdSense into the script

Thumbnails for Shopping Clone

Here is how majority of Shopping Clone scripts look like in terms of layout and navigation. Based upon the finalized features for your Shopping Clone, layout navigation, modules and panel positioning, color combination and functionality of the overall application will be determined. Moreover, additional functionality can be added in the site as per your requirement. All the content will be easily manageable using the CMS (Content Management System) that will be provided to you in the Admin Panel.

Online Bookstore Online Marketplace Shopping Clone Ecommerce Site Online Shop Website

Great! How do I get started?

It's easy. Just submit your Request for Proposal (RFP) using our Request for Proposal (RFP)/Quote form with details pertaining to your Shopping clone script project requirement. An executive from NCrypted® will get in touch with you within a day.

What is the programming and technology that is being used for Shopping clone script?

We will recommend use of PHP for the development of PHP Shopping clone. However, we can also utilize the feature rich platform of Joomla for the development of Shopping Joomla clone as well. High emphasize will be given to JS, JQuery, Ajax, JSON and table less (DIV based) HTML design so to make sure that the Shopping clone script site UI design is Web 2.0 and world-class.

How much Shopping clone script costs?

Like mentioned earlier, this is not a readymade 3rd party script, so the cost depends upon your selection of the features and the type of functionality that you require for your own Shopping clone. Once you send us your RFP, we will provide you the overall project cost based upon the feature and functionality requirement. However, we already have the framework developed for Shopping clone script along with project wireframes, which means that we will save significant time while developing your very own best Shopping clone. NCrypted® is known for years for making high quality websites and web applications at a very reasonable and affordable rate.

Advantage of a fresh development for Shopping clone script than a 3rd party script

3rd party scripts have limited features and functionality to offer and often leaves you with limited choices in case you want to expand or scale further. The same script is sold to dozens of business aspirants seeking to develop a Shopping competition. It is needless to say that such aspirations remain aspirations only and are never achieved. The most trafficked and profitable sites and dotcom businesses in the world have one thing in common - they all have custom developed source codes for their website and not a 3rd party script purchased for a cheap rate. Another important aspect of why not to go for a readymade script here is the copyright and circulation limitation. The developers of that script own copyright and not you, they have only sold you the end-user license which does not make you the owner of that script. Having said so, in times of the sell of your business or going public, this issue will haunt you as you don't 'own' that code. With a fresh code being developed by NCrypted® for Shopping clone script, you get to own 100% copyright ownership for all the source code, graphics and the DBA. And all these with an amazing lower rate almost comparable to that of a leased rate you get for a 3rd party readymade solution!

If you are dreaming and planning big with Shopping clone script, NCrypted's custom solution is the best choice.

NCrypted's solution for Shopping clone

NCrypted Technologies is in the business of web application and software development since last 6 years. NCrypted® is here to serve you and fulfill all the requirements by building the Shopping clone script in the way you want. With dedicated staff strength of over 100 highly skilled professionals, we take pride in having served more than 150 medium to large scale clients and start-ups on 1,400+ projects across 22 countries world-wide. NCrypted® specializes in creating high impact websites in a variety of domains which include social networking, finance, health and various web 2.0 applications. With a development and deployment of over 1,400 websites, web applications and softwares including many like Shopping Clone script, we bring in our top notch industry expertise for the design, development, deployment, hosting and maintenance of similar scale of projects.

We assume full responsibility of your Shopping clone project from the very 1st phase of Project Analysis and Data Gathering right through the Testing phase and beyond.

Legal Information

Please note that the use of the phrase "Shopping clone" is for marketing purpose only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a website similar to another site. NCrypted® certifies that the entire design and code has been completely developed and built by our own team of developers. No code, design or graphics has been used from the Shopping website. NCrypted's custom solution enables you to run a group buying website which is similar to Shopping.

NCrypted Technologies is in no means associated with Shopping.

Contact us today to order custom development solution for Shopping clone.