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Poshmark Clone

Pricing starts at $949* only
fashmark is a bundled e-commerce script that enables you to get started with your own online fashion marketplace website similar to Poshmark. Contact us for custom development inquiries.

The Best Poshmark Clone for Online eCommerce Website Requirements

Custom Build

Multi Purpose

Fashion, vintage, crafts, handmade, auction! - Fashmark can be used for your specific niche e-commerce market segment without any major customization.

Standalone Software

Standalone Software

Coded in PHP 5 with our advanced structure. It does not require any 3rd party installation such as Magento, Joomla or WordPress.

SEO Friendly Design

SEO Friendly Design

fashmark comes loaded with On-Page SEO and marketing modules, saving you thousands of dollars you would otherwise have to spend with other ready made cheap peer-to-peer marketplace Scripts.

Custom Develop

Customize it your way

This fashmark is 100% customizable. Contact us for your custom development requirement, be it an addition of new features, new design UI or alteration requirement, we will be happy to help.


What support you will get from us?

Stable Release

Stable Release

FREE Hosting!

FREE Hosting!

FREE 1 Year Support

FREE 1 Year Support

FREE Installation

FREE Installation


Poshmark Clone Script PHP, Open Source


What is Poshmark Clone?

Poshmark clone, which is based on Fashmark, is an e-commerce script and principally a fashion platform to buy and sell lavish fashion items, where you can find precious items like handbags, boots, premium denim, sunglasses, watches and accessories. Poshmark is really famous for quick sale within 60 seconds and one more advantage is that you can arrange virtual parties with several co-hosts and sell huge items using Poshmark App.

Poshmark Clone is a website clone which works similar to Poshmark website. As we know that Poshmark is generally used in US, so it is great if you are planning to make ecommerce website like Poshmark for fashion items. Poshmark Clone has all features offered by original Poshmark website. Poshmark Clone is fully customizable so you can make any changes as per your requirements.

Working of Poshmark Clone

Cover photo

You just need to click attractive photo of the item you need to sell which catches attention of every people visiting website.

Attend Poshmark Clone Party

Attending virtual parties will helps you to discover the closets you like and even to purchase that includes several popular shopping items.


Making sale on Poshmark Clone makes shipping hassle free with no stamps.


Safety being an important aspect Poshmark Clone assures complete protection for all orders you place which includes differ description (notify within 3 days of delivery), if you doesn’t get the item you placed order, complete money is been refunded.

Why Poshmark Clone?

Poshmark Clone is useful for people who are fashion lover and creative enough to understand fashion and fashion accessories and willing to buy and sell their closets online. It is developed using PHP 5 and MYSQL used by various local peoples to search latest fashion closet online by attending virtual parties. After careful analysis and research Poshmark clone is developed with enhanced functionalities which make Poshmark clone a huge success. Rich features like service products listing, parties management, my orders,   and account management which makes Poshmark clone robust.

Key Features of Poshmark Clone

Poshmark clone has rich features that helps fashion lover to maintain several things automatically, features like

My Orders

Registered user can manage their orders from User Dashboard – My Orders which lists all items purchased from and items that are sold on Poshmark clone of that particular user which helps them to track records as and when needed and closing balance is displayed in their account.

New Listing

When you need to sell some item on Poshmark clone you need to add a new listing with full details like product name, images, size category, and detailed description. This helps buyer to get complete information about the product of their interest.


One of the eye-catching feature of Poshmark clone is "Virtual Parties" which means parties happens on Poshmark clone App. Virtual Parties can only be listed by registered host and host can be either 1 or more than one to sell their products on Poshmark clone App. Parties can be viewed by anyone who visits website and if they likes and wants to join then they can join completing registration process.

User can maintain their account using User Dashboard which includes transaction like buying and selling of several items with balance included.

Suitable List

With the aim to serve fashion industry and to fashion lovers for their closets who are willing to buy closet from across the world using Poshmark clone. It is customized, robust, scalable and user-friendly clone through which you can start your own new online venture.


Customize Poshmark Clone Script

Unlike other third party script vendors, we provide customization facility for all our products, scripts and apps. Be it a custom responsive design or a mobile friendly site for your peer-to-peer marketplace startup venture; alteration of an existing feature or addition of a completely new module - we will listen to your requirements and provide relevant suggestions and solutions.

Part of the beauty of this e-commerce Script by NCrypted Websites is that it is easy to customize - now there are several reasons why this product is easily customizable:

We have the technology part covered for you

e-commerce websites & apps are complex entities and come with a lot of moving parts. Creating the digital infrastructure from scratch requires a longer turnaround time and hence becomes costly. We understand e-commerce space and our clients benefit from our domain experience and robust backend technology.

Customized solution

Customized to suit your business model

We know that a me-too Poshmark isn't enough to create a stir in the market.

Customized solution

Fast time to market

Scalable architecture and our process oriented rapid development approach ensures a quick go-to-market ETA!

Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

Scalable technology back-end for growing demand - you will never have to redo it all over again!

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Powerful technology back-end with basic ready-made modules save time and hence overall project cost.

Big Data

Designed to handle big data

The structure is robust enough to handle large volume of transactions everyday.

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

e-commerce is in our genes! Our unparalleled domain expertise helps you to avoid common mistakes. 

500+ Startups & Companies trust us with their business

Clients Speak

NCrypted has the capability to understand problems and find proper solutions and this is very critical for small businesses like ours, where you want the best quality website to be developed but have a limited budget to spend on the project.

Faye Miller - Successful Entrepreneur

Rating: 4.5

I am more than pleased with the website that NCrypted has created and it really exceed our expectation, particularly because I knew that our project requirement were not pretty much clear when we asked them to start the work, but they were not only ahead of the time by getting the statement of work prepared after a few chat conversations with...

Gregory Shepherd - Serial Entrepreneur, Author

Rating: 4.5

How NCrypted Websites delivers business value?

Our primary focus would be on understanding your requirements related to Poshmark Clone (e-commerce Script) and providing you with technology solutions while keeping your target audience and market in mind. We understand that a serious project is an on-going engagement that requires technical, functional, financial and emotional commitment. We want to believe in your idea as much as you do. Get in touch to find out how NCrypted Websites can help bring your peer-to-peer marketplace idea to life so that you can go to market with confidence.

Legal Information

Please note that the use of the phrase "Poshmark Clone" is for marketing purpose only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a(n) e-commerce website similar to Poshmark or another site. NCrypted Websites certifies that the entire design and code is built by our own team of designers and developers. No code, design or graphics has been or will be used from the Poshmark website. NCrypted Websites' custom solution enables you to run a website similar to Poshmark based on our standard structure and technology blueprint. Learn more on what is website cloning.

NCrypted Websites is by no means associated with Poshmark.

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