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 NETube- Your Own Customized Video Streaming Software Like Youtube!

The advent of video streaming software has redefined the entertainment industry and the concept of video streaming has grown in popularity in recent years. As an entrepreneur, it's time to make your own MULTI $BILLION in the video streaming industry!

In today's highly competitive business world, it's not only about surviving the industry. But it’s about conquering the global user base! In the digital world, your inventions have to be extraordinary to stay ahead of the competition. That's why we at NCrypted work tirelessly to offer outstanding, unique and high-performance customized solutions.

Do you need more than we offer? Do not worry!

We offer you the best customization and extensions! Just enter your requirements in the RFP form and we will find the best price for you! If you dream of launching your own winning-edge video streaming software then, this might be your chance. The optimal window of opportunity has appeared for wannapreneurs, stop pulling down the shade!

Launch our highly-customized video streaming software to meet your business needs to conquer the global user base awaiting in the corner.

Why Do You Need Our Tailored Video Streaming Software Based on Your Needs?


Too often companies face multiple and complex problems. In such a scenario, standard video streaming software doesn't work, so they look for individual solutions. But if you are choosing to develop customized video streaming software, you will have the flexibility to adapt it to the entirety of your business needs. However, if you want to add or remove a feature from the existing features list, or even create a new one, contact us and we will make your website exactly how you want it. With NCrypted, your Video Streaming Software will do what you want for maximum results.

Will Our Customized Solutions Burn Your Budget? PSST, a Huge No!

When it comes to building a customized video streaming software that works efficiently in real time, not only is it a very time-consuming job, but it also requires deep pockets and a big budget. Building an application requires resources, time, and infrastructure that requires a large investment. But you don't worry! We’ll be your backbone! Our team of skilled developers will develop tech-savvy customized software solutions in a cost-effective way, and to make your pocket easier, all you have to do is fill the RFP form with your customization requirements that suits you and you're done! Take a look at our various packages and choose the one that best suits your business needs. Pull your socks, to make your next Multi $Billion with NCrypted!

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Having difficulty submitting this request? Contact sales@ncrypted.com for a prompt response.