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Extensive Offerings of NETUBE Video Streaming Software

Extensive Offerings of NETUBE Video Streaming Software
  • Video sharing

    The feature of sharing what a user is admiring or wants to share with the community or friend is one of the best features. This will enable the audience to make their points or suggest something. It will also help in increasing traffic to the video streaming software.



  • Social Login

    In today’s world where a user wants to quickly access things, social login plays a vital role to get started with the end-user asap and swiftly. It saves the time and hustle to do registration and along with making sure genuine users are coming to the video streaming platform.

  • Watch list

    To put off the demanding task of searching for favorite content all the time. Video streaming software empowers the users to make their watch list to be seen at a later time or view it another time.

  • Channel Management

    This feature will empower the admin to manage channels created by viewers. Admin can search, view via keywords, channel details, do changes in the channel up till activating and deactivating the channels.

What support you will get from us?

What support you will get from us?

stable RELEASE




A Video Streaming Software that is Feature-Rich, Robust and Customizable

NCrypted’s NETUBE empowers you to launch the futuristic video streaming software instantly. Our video streaming software can be easily customized for varied business verticals. Don’t Delay, Dominate the Video Streaming Industry with NETUBE. Launch NETUBE, and Success is just an arm’s reach!

NETUBE - Benchmark Your Success in the Video Streaming Industry!

NetTube is Highly-efficient video streaming software that lets you launch your own online video sharing software that can rival YouTube itself. Our solutions have been designed using the latest technology to provide users and administrators with the best video streaming software. Moreover, our video streaming software has a robust and feature-rich CMS that is designed to process large amounts efficiently. Moreover, if you as an entrepreneur want to experience the magic of perpendicular profitably. Then, YAH! you've came to an ideal spot at the ideal time. Join our iconic successful entrepreneurs and get your treasury breaming with varied currencies because our Video streaming software - NETUBE is worth a King’s Ransom!

On top of this, NETUBE isn't just a video streaming software with great features, it's more than that. We developed business models and ad management channels. So, you can customize them according to the requirements. With extensive industry expertise for video streaming software development, we help you turn your entrepreneurial dream into a pleasant reality. All you have to do is, share your ideation and our team of technocrats will help you to scale your success into Himalayan Heights!

Why Launch a Video Streaming Software that is the First Pick of Entrepreneurs?

Roof-breaking demand, growth, and product possibilities for new and existing players is expanding the need for video streaming software. Amidst the competition of conquering the industry, NETUBE can help you to climb the ladder of success and rise to a crescendo in no time!

The origins of the fast-growing online video streaming industry lie in the demand of Video streaming software that is rapidly emerging in the market. Various entrepreneurs are seeking a stable, scalable yet cutting-edge Video streaming software to enter and dominate the video streaming industry.

NCrypted’s NETUBE is equipped along with the advanced functions and allows extensive customization. With our advanced development services, you can deliver interactive user interfaces and conquer the bandwagon of video streaming services just in a tick!

Exclusive Techstack that is the Backbone of our Video Streaming Software

The technology stack is an essential part of building any app, be it for a network or a mobile platform. In the case of video streaming software, the selection of the right technology stack is necessary as it affects the performance of the application and its future growth prospects. In terms of back-end and front-end technologies, multiple frameworks and languages ??are considered to work and sync across web and mobile platforms.

Our experienced development team has immense experience and uses the best technologies, languages, platforms and frameworks to deliver an engaging experience. Check out the various technologies involved in creating a winning-edge Video Streaming software - NETUBE!

  • Alluring Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX
  • Back-end: PHP is used for the robust backend of NETUBE because its loading speed is faster even with the slow internet speed. It even loads rapidly than other programming languages.
  • Database: MySQL 

Which are the Deep-pocketed Monetization Strategies to Make Money with NETUBE? 

Explore the wide-range of monetization strategies of NETUBE to grow your sales table with this highly profitable revenue model!


Subscription management can be offered further upon request, Making money is child's play with our video streaming software. Turn casual viewers into regular subscribers by using the subscription model to make money. You can offer a variety of flexible and inexpensive subscriptions and eventually attract the world's population with ease!


Advertisement management can be offered further upon request. Advertisement is the golden ticket to the success of any app. Similarly, this model is no different here. Promote the brand in your app through ads and hit the jackpot in no time!

Premium Content

Premium content management can be offered further upon request. This is a new and exciting strategy that entrepreneurs can utilize to generate revenue. This allows viewers to pay for special content such as movies, videos, or documentaries.

Banner Videos

Banner videos management can be offered further upon request. Using this strategy, the admin can charge a certain amount of money from the user, in order to make the banner videos.

How do We Empower Your Video Streaming Software with Extensive Features?  

Adaptive video streaming

Adaptive video streaming can be offered further upon request, it helps end-user depending on network availability, our smart video streaming software throttles automatically in order to offer a seamless user experience.

Attractive user interface

Carefully crafted by expert designers. User interface of our NETUBE is designed in such a way that it prefers an attractive display that oozes absolute fun.


Step the market industry with all the cylinders firing because the massive content of our video streaming software can be grouped into several subcategories and associated sorting labels so users can easily route their favourite shows!

Tech Savvy Backend

Our video streaming software comes with a tech savvy backend to trigger outstanding streaming performance. The absence of bugs and errors further upscales the efficiency.

Watch list

This unique feature allows users to create compression watchlists that include movies, TV shows, documentaries and other videos that can be viewed only later.

Smart search bar

The advanced tube search option eliminates the need to search the entire application. It allows your users to track their selected content via an advanced search bar feature that comes with several sorting and filtering elements. That way, users can search for titles and more.

 In-app advertising

In-app advertising can be offered further upon request, In-app ads are the main yet vital source of generating the revenue for the admins. This feature empowers the admin to pepper up the revenue strategy along with a twitch of advertisement videos.

Admin board

Administrators can use the admin panel to access all the required information in one easy-to-access place. Details about users, the revenue content generated by the platform is viewable, making unnecessary navigation redundant and making all details available to administrators.

Comment area

Our video streaming software development solution has a comment section where users can give their opinion about the videos they watch.

Master CMS

The advanced content management system marinates the whole management process with ease and the admin can effortlessly scroll through the content and exert any modification alteration at the earliest.


This feature involves sending a newsletter to your potential customers with a detailed description of the services you offer. It should be noted that the letter is well written and that all necessary information about the platform is provided.

Social Media Channels

 It enables the user to share the videos on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. To promote your services and find the right audience.

Multilingual content

To broaden your scope, you need to go beyond English as the default language. Providing multilingual content shows that you understand the preferences of users who may want to switch between global languages ??and regional content frequently.

Why Choose NCrypted to Conquer the Global UserBase Awaiting in the Corner? 

Highly-customized solutions

Every application we make is tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Our video streaming software is no different. We build exactly what you want.

High scalability

Growth is highly-critical yet vital to the success of any business. With our video streaming software, you can rest assured that you will never get stuck and that you will always be at the forefront of the industry.

Confidentiality and security guaranteed

The confidentiality of our customers and the security of their data are most important to us. We will never share information with anyone and ensure your data is protected.

14+ years of industry experience

We have been a leader in the development industry for over 14 years. You'll be hard-pressed to find a developer who has the industry experience and knowledge we've provided.

In-house staff

When you submit your project to us, we will take care of it from start to finish. We do not work with outsiders. Everything is done completely at home

Best-in-line price

We offer high quality software solutions at competitive prices that our competitors cannot match. All of our solutions are very cost-effective yet efficient.

So, what’s the hold up? Equip your business with the most exceptional video streaming software that is drenched with features. Marinated with advanced tech-stack. The Ideal Video streaming software to Conquer the Industry!

Industries we serve

Travel & Hospitality

AirBNB Clone Script

Launch your own dynamic Bed & Breakfast website with our AirBNB Clone Script. It allows the most suitable way for travelers to book online accommodation centering on details like property, location, price, room type and facilities.

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Vacation Rental Script

Build, conserve and function a thriving holiday & vacation rental website with Vacation Rental Script bundled with payments, online booking module and property management system.

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Car Rental Script

Incept your own car & vehicle rental website using this resourceful script that comes with powerful analytics panel, automated booking system and advanced admin features that enables people to find a variety of cars for different occasions.

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Hotel Booking Script

A creative and ascendable script that allows you to immerge your own online hotel booking website. Hotel Booking Script is commanding reservation system accompanied by powerful room booking functionality.

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Trip Advisor Clone

TripAdvisor Clone is an idealistic travel website that assists you to start your own traveling website similar to TripAdvisor that facilitates users with reviews for various restaurants, hotels, destinations, hotel rooms, flights and vacation rentals.

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Travel Script

Launch your own travel website with distinctive Travel Script for trending markets such as hotels, restaurants, flight, etc. It lets you offer people facilities like search for flights, hotels, cruises and make a hassle-free trip across the globe.

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eCommerce Script

Launch your online eCommerce store with our exceptional eCommerce script for trending markets such as automobiles, electronics, advertising, crafts etc. It allows people to buy & sell featured products online without any hassle.

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Amazon Clone Script

Commence your own dynamic marketplace that has the earmarks of Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. Our trailblazing script will help you materialize your own eCommerce business with globalizing your customer base quickly.

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Auction Script

Auction Script lets you start your own auction website, conveying both buyers and sellers in straight communication with each other, bringing a top-notch experience to your customers that will surely blend the market.

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eBay Clone Script

We deliver a high-flying online auction website similar to eBay where you can endorse selling and buying of your products. It is designed in a way that will be advantageous to initiate your own online auction business.

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Etsy Clone

Etsy Clone is an exemplary solution for you to start your own online peer-to-peer eCommerce website similar to Etsy. It is one of the best choices for your business to market your own niche requirements online.

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Poshmark Clone Script

Start a lavishing fashion website similar to Poshmark, where people can buy and sell items like handbags, watches, sunglasses and accessories.

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Crowdfunding Script

Create your own reward based crowdfunding website with our Crowdfunding Script that bears users with finest options for raising funds and for carrying out projects.

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Kickstarter Clone Script

With the growing trends of crowdfunding, Kickstarter Clone Script will help you build your own dominant crowdfunding website similar to KickStarter, RocketHub, GoFundMe etc. for people around the world to post projects and to raise funds from investors.

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Gofundme Clone Script

GoFundMe is a self-assembly crowdfunding clone which allows you to initiate your own fundraising website similar to GoFundMe, where people can raise money for customized projects like charity, medical emergencies and educational expenditures.

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Indiegogo Clone

Indiegogo Clone enables you to start your own crowdfunding website similar to Indiegogo, to help individuals, groups, business persons and non-profit organizations raise funds online for important cause or any other personal or business ideas to bring them to life.

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SecondMarket Clone

Create your own fundraising website similar to SecondMarket, which enables people from around the world to post and fund projects. One can invite fundraisers and donors to help fund member’s projects.

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Reward Crowdfunding Script

Head-start with your own reward based crowdfunding website with our Reward Crowdfunding Script that empowers businesses and non-profit organization to post projects, aiming to raise capital and reward those who have raised funds.


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On Demand

Uber for X Script

Uber for X Script allows you to set off on On Demand Mobile Service of any other business verticals like groceries, laundry, beauty & wellness, etc.

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Uber Clone

Get started with your own lucrative taxi booking mobile app for taxi service providing business similar to Uber, which offers distinctive Passenger and Driver dashboard for users across the globe.

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Taxi Booking Script

Automate your taxi service providing business with trail blazing Taxi Booking Script offering prestigious solution for taxi booking and aggregation services supporting advanced booking module easy and payment module.

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On Demand App Development

With the growing orientation of On Demand Mobile Service (ODMS), we have crafted an On Demand App Development script that helps people creating an on demand app for a fresh or enduring website to broaden their services to the mobile users.

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Beauty and Wellness On Demand App Development

With the growing trends of On Demand technology, we help business persons involved with Beauty and Fashion in creating their own Beauty and Wellness On Demand App that aids them deliver unique beauty and wellness services to their customers through mobile app.

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On Demand Food Delivery App Development

Kindle your food delivery on demand startup business idea to existence with our On Demand Food Delivery App that allows users to order the food of their choice using the mobile app to get the service at their doorstep.

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Social Media

Social Network Script

Social Network Script lets you start your own social networking sites similar to Facebook, Netlog LinkedIn. It offers practical networking solutions and easier way to find people with related interests and seek out their help in need.

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Facebook Clone

With the upcoming trends of social media, use Facebook Clone that perfectly fits your niche social networking business, where people can find and connect with their friends, message and post their status, images, videos, etc.

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LinkedIn Clone

LinkedIn Clone enables proficient networking website solutions for professionals similar to LinkedIn, a universal website for business connections. It allows businesses from across the globe to stay knowledgeable about their contacts and industry.

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YouTube Clone

Create your own video website, which offers video solutions similar to Youtube, where people can comment, like and share the videos with others.

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Pinterest Clone

Launch your own photo-sharing website similar to Pinterest that provides strong features aiming to organize various photos on different boards for various categories like business, lifestyle, finance, education and lot more.

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Vimeo Clone

Initiate your own video sharing website similar to Vimeo, is a feature-driven clone that endows users with uploading, sharing and viewing videos with high-quality tools just like Vimeo.

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Online Services

Google Clone Script

Launch your own search engine over the web with our eccentric Google Clone Script similar to Google, which allows users to search over various verticals like Maps, news, videos, images, books, flights, etc.

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Search Engine Script

Head-start with your own search engine website with our resourceful search engine script that allows users to search multiple categories and offers advanced feature like linking to social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter.

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Wikipedia Clone

Wikipedia Clone enables you to set off your own online encyclopedia website similar to Wikipedia, allows users to edit, add any type of articles thus empowering a knowledge-sharing medium worldwide.

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Craigslist Clone

It is an innovative classified ads website script that allows you to run your own website similar to Craigslist, with sections committed to real estate, housing, jobs, buy and sell, etc.

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Classifieds Script

Create your own classified website with Classified Script that allows you to start your own business like motorcycles, properties, autos, selling new or used items, etc.

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Eventbrite Clone

Instigate your own online ticketing service platform that will allow any event planners to manage the whole event, set up ticket promote and sales events similar to Eventbrite. Any changes in the events are considered to be as hassle free as it is possible to inform all attendees from website.

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Career & Jobs

Freelance Clone Script

Freelancer Clone Script lets you start your own freelancing website hassle-free, similar to Freelancer where employee and employer can stay connected with each other and get the work done.

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Elance Clone Script

Elance Clone Script helps you start your own freelancing website that provides a service to job owners, job seekers in a same place. Get the assistance of our valuable script to start your own freelancing marketplace business.

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Upwork Clone Script

Get started with your own freelancing marketplace website that lets you render smooth communication platform for job seekers and job providers to connect and get the job done with our feature rich Upwork Clone Script.

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Indeed Clone

Launch your own job-searching website similar to Indeed, which renders job searching solutions with a vertical search facility like location, designation, salary, etc. for different job postings from across the globe.

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Monster Clone

With our resourcefully developed Monster Clone Script you can have your own website similar to Monster without any hassle. It’s user-friendly and has affluent features. Employers can post job requirements, location, salary, etc.

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Naukri Clone

Get started with your own job portal website with our Naukri Clone PHP similar to Naukri, which provides the best opportunity for job seekers to find the most suited job for themselves.

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Flippa Clone Script

Flippa Clone is an inventive marketplace script which lets you set up your own buying and selling website similar to Flippa without any hitch, where buyers can easily purchase items from assorted sellers by simply bidding on the website.

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Alibaba Clone

Alibaba Clone enables you to start your own B2B trading platform similar to Alibaba that makes it easy for buyers and supplies across the globe to do a productive business online through its marketplace.

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Thumbtack Clone Script

Build your own consumer service marketplace website to help people with getting their jobs done through local professionals. It allows the most appropriate way for users to find local services and get the job done.

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Taskrabbit Clone Script

Commence a perfect online local service marketplace website that helps people to find help in their neighborhood for the routine activities like cleaning, gardening, plumbing, animal care etc.

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Affiliate Script

Affiliate script empowers you to kick-start your affiliate marketing website that allows you to manage affiliate partners, boost sales, etc.

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Commission Junction Clone

Incept your own affiliate marketing website similar to Commission Junction, which provides affiliate marketing tactics for retailers to exploit their efforts by assembling a strong network of publishers and advertisers.

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Dating Script

Head start innovatively with your online dating website with Dating Script, rendering millennial and people of every age discover new friends online, connect with each other, chat and build their friendship and love relationships.

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Badoo Clone

Badoo Clone permits you to start your own dating-focused social networking website that allows online connections to meet and chat and share information with new people across the globe.

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Matrimony Script

Matrimony Script empowers you to jump start with wedding and matrimonial website rendering unique match-making services to young generation in finding perfect match for their life.

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Shaadi Clone

Shaddi Clone lets you seek matrimonial service website for matrimonial candidates to get connected with other candidates. It can be offered in multiple languages and can provide comparability to people from different regions and casts.

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Match Clone

Match Clone lets you start your own online dating website similar to Match, provides an easy way to find the perfect match for your life. The members are allowed to create and brows profiles to get in touch with people.

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Friendfinder Clone

Build your own social networking and online dating website with our Friendfinder Clone that offers searching of individuals according to the user’s choice and lets them meet new people of the same interest through webcam chat and messaging.

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Netflix Clone

Construct a well-organized video broadcasting website for your own video streaming business with Netflix Clone and give the foremost advantages of watching TV serials and unlimited movies over the internet for a monthly low price.

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SoundCloud Clone

SoundCloud Clone gives you extensible sound sharing platform solutions like creating a similar sound sharing website to share instrumental sounds and different tracks with people, allowing them to listen and download sound as well.

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Hulu Clone

Launch your own video streaming website similar to Hulu, where you can offer people with streaming of video related TV shows, movies, video clips etc. Take the benefit of our growing online video streaming website.

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Video Sharing Script

With growing demand for internet services, online video sharing is getting more renowned. Acquire our productive Video Sharing Script and start with an innovative video services offering website similar to YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

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8tracks clone

Launch a phenomenal audio sharing website similar to 8tracks - a technology driven clone,offering users to create their own euphonious playlists and locate other tracks by genre, other artists etc.

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Spotify Clone

Jump start with astounding video streaming website similar to Spotify, a music featuring clone that provides users access to music, watch and listen the music videos anytime and anywhere while on the go.

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We have the technology part covered for you

Video Streaming development is a complex process and comes with a lot of moving parts. Creating the digital infrastructure for Video Sharing Platform development from scratch requires a longer turnaround time and hence becomes costly. We understand Video Sharing development space and our clients benefit from our domain experience and robust backend technology.




We know that a me-too Video Streaming clone idea isn't enough to create a stir in the market.




Scalable technology back-end for growing Video Sharing demand - you will never have to redo it all over again!




Operate big data in a timely manner with our high-powered analytics in a cost-effective manner.




Scalable architecture and our process-oriented rapid development approach ensure a quick go-to-market ETA!




Powerful technology back-end with basic ready-made modules save time and hence overall project cost for your Video Streaming clone.




Our unparalleled domain expertise in Video Sharing Platform helps you to avoid common mistakes that other startups would do.

You are in good company!

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  • Lifester
  • Kranzle
  • Oyyo
  • rvplusyou
  • Greenlighy
  • Solvay
  • Ford
  • Hayyat
Over 500 startups trust NCrypted with their business

Over 500 startups trust NCrypted with their business

I worked with NCrypted over a period of 3 months to define a hyper-local social media app.I found them highly professional and conscientious throughout the process, and they delivered a great platform to me and my team. They were diligent in their specs, statement of work, development, QA and deployments.

Peter Goult - Saffron Technology Labs


From the beginning to end and now all what the whole team have done to make sure in assisting me have been a great experience. NCrypted is just like my second home. Thank goodness they are in the market as they always listen and give the best you can expect.

David Valero - Courier Bids, LLC


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