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NETUBE Common Features

Video sharing

When viewers watch something cool, they immediately share it with their friends and family. This feature will make your viewers happy and satisfied, and in this way, it also increases the visibility of your video streaming software



Video channel

This feature allows users to create their own channels that allow various adjustments such as descriptions of channels, thumbnails, playlists, and more.


Profile settings

Detailed profile settings enable you to create a good profile that will help you socialize easily. Familiarity breeds trusts in your target audience and in return builds a lasting relationship.


Social login

Giving users the privilege to quickly login in the platform along with the Facebook or other social networking ID is the best choice. It cut down the hustle of filling the registration form.



Push notification

Push notifications can be offered further upon request, your users will be notified using NETube, when new videos are uploaded on a subscription channel, so you get more traffic.


Advanced Search

NETube’s advanced search feature displays various content suggestions instantly as per user search for their favourite videos, movies etc.


Verified Identification

After registering into the website, the verification link is sent to the Email address in order to verify the user and avoid spamming.


Watch list

Users searching for their favourite content can be a strenuous task. Our Video streaming software empowers the users to add the content to the watch list accordingly as well as watch it later whenever they want.



Thumbnail frame preview

Users can add attractive thumbnails to their videos to attract viewers’ attention; they can also change or customize the thumbnails according to the preview frame in the app.



Design of our video streaming software is developed in order to be compatible with all the latest and existing smartphones on the market.


Highly Customized

NETube will provide an end-to-end customizable solution that will easily meet all customer requirements, and the best part is it doesn’t burn your pocket




NCrypted’s NETube will perform seamlessly under an increased amount load with ease. Due to the advanced coding that is designed to anticipate a possible surge in the service request.


Amplified code

NCrypted’s NETube is empowered along with a robust backend that aids you multiply and scale your business to Himalyan heights! Our Video streaming software is enough to hold even millions of users simultaneously.


Secure Payment Gateway

To ensure the transparent yet secure payment system, Payment gateway can be  integrated further upon request.


Enthralling UI/UX

NCrypted’s prominent design team takes care of providing winning-edge Video Streaming software with the most interactive yet intuitive UI/UX. The navigation in the app is just like the breeze. The themes, the colours and the designs of the NETube is implemented in a way that even the eye catching would not suffice!



Generate Revenue

Many revenue generating solutions can be offered further upon request


NETUBE Admin Features


Sub admins

  Admin can delegate other sub-admins with restricted access to certain modules in order to ensure the smooth functioning of your video streaming software.


Manage site settings

It empowers the admin to manage site settings like different payment options commissions, etc all in just a single tap.


Admin Dashboard

The cruise control is given to the admin. Moreover, the admin can check all the contents that are recently added such as check users and other data of the app along with this dynamic dashboard. On top of that, the Admin panel is sturdy yet coupled with a powerful and efficient monitoring system to deliver glitch free functioning.


Ad management

Clients can easily infuse ads within the app video moving ads can also be placed for particular sections. As well as Ads can be approved, rejected, viewed, edited, deactivated by the admin. All the operations related Ads can be managed by the admin accordingly.


Subscription management

Subscription management can be offered further upon request, It empowers the admin to manage all the subscription payment details revenue models and make changes accordingly.


Video management

As an admin you are empowered along with the privilege to remove or disable the contents that violate the policies just within a snap of second along with the help of admin dashboard.


Video Comment Management

With our Video Streaming Software, the admin can easily manage all the Video Comments which are given by users. Moreover, Admin will be able to Search the video by Keywords. Admin can edit Video Comments details, delete Video Comments.


Activate/Deactivate Comment

The admin of NCrypted’s NETube has an extensive offering to make the status of Video Comments activate/deactivate according to the needs.


Channel Management

Admin will be able to manage channels made by users from this section. Admin will be able to view or search with keywords, channel details, edit channel details, delete channels and make channel status as active / deactivate accordingly.


User Management

This feature enables the admin to view, edit, delete, search the registered users as per the requirements. It even enables users to change the status from activate to deactivate accordingly as well as admin can see the dates on which the users were registered on NETube.


Video Category/ Sub- Category

This award-winning feature will aid Admin to manage categories of videos from this section. He/ she can search with keywords, add, view Video categories / subcategories details, Edit Video Categories / Sub-categories Details, Delete Categories Video / Sub-categories and can activate or disable the comments.


Transaction History

Transaction history feature can be offered further upon request, Admin will be able to manage yet oversee the transaction history. This feature enables searching the transaction by keywords, transaction id, user name, amount or created date.


Pricing Management

Users Pricing management can be offered further upon request, The admin will be able to enter a vertical as well as horizontal slot per day price.




Manage Spam/ Reported Content

Along with this feature, Admin will be able to manage reported videos by users as well as admin can filter by (video/channel), username, video name, message, reply to user, delete.




Multi- Language

With the help of this noteworthy feature the admin of our video streaming software will be able to manage multi-languages along with the constants easily. Admin will be able to add new language, edit, delete or can change the status of the language.



Manage Subscriber

NETube empowers the admin to manage the subscribers accordingly by view, editing, or changing the status of the subscriber.



Payment Management

Admin can manage all the issues related to the payment from this section.



Highly-Rich Text Editor

The text editor of NETube empowers the admin to edit the content of the static pages accordingly without a hassle.




Feedback feature can be offered further upon request, Admin can manage yet monitor all the feedback received by the users from this section.


NETUBE - Wide Range of User Features


Email Registration and Login

  Users of NETube can register/log in to the website by entering the required information using the same email address


Facebook/ Google Connect

On the registration and login page, the user also has the option to register/login with his Facebook or google plus connect and login with his email access data.


Limitless Video Upload

This feature enables the users to upload videos without limits using normal upload.


My Videos

Numerous videos uploaded by the content providers (from any category like individual videos, movies or documentaries, etc.) will be displayed here.


My Channels

All the channels created by the users will be displayed here including the details such as Channel name, image, description, name of the category and sub category, Channel type, Number of customers videos, Filter by (Accepted/Rejected), Number of likes, views, upload date.


My subscription

This feature empowers the user to view the Subscribed channel name, image, name or number of customers, number of likes, views.


Later add to watch list

This feature empowers the user to add the video into the watch list.


Basic Account Settings

This feature empowers the user to change the password, manage the notifications, activate or deactivate the account.


Create Channel

Users can create the channel by adding the name of the channel, description, selecting the category or subcategory, making the channel private or public.


Watch History

NETube makes it easy for your users to see the video history they have watched. You can also make personalized experiences for users.


Flag/Report Abuse

Users can report a channel or video if they find the content degrading or disturbing. Application administrators can take action, such as removing content or taking legal action.



Along with the comment feature of our online video sharing software, users can comment on videos, such as whether they liked or don't like videos. This feature will bring better user involvement.


Liked Videos

This feature enables the user to display all the videos that are being liked recently.


Edit Profile

This feature of our video streaming software empowers the user to edit their details such as username, email Id, date of birth, etc.


Subscribe to the channel

Consumers will be able to subscribe to different channels and they will be notified when new videos are posted on relevant channels.


Instant Password Recovery

Just by clicking on the forgot password button and entering the email ID as well as clicking the Reset Password, the password will be sent to the user to the specified email Id.

NETUBE - Marketing and Promotional Features


On Page SEO

NCrypted’s NETube is built with keeping SEO in mind. It provides along with the SEO-Friendly Titles, meta descriptions, keywords in order to make sure your video streaming software is search-engine friendly.



Integration with third-party Mailchimp is provided so that users or visitors can subscribe to in-system newsletters and administrators can regularly post interesting content, promote sales and increase traction to the video sharing software.


Social Media Sharing

Properties such as videos may be shared for marketing purposes on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, email and more.

NETUBE - Security Features



Using this feature in the registration form avoids the registration of spammers or robots. This feature will protect your website from malicious attacks and activities.


Database Indexing

This feature of NETube empowers the users to make it possible to retrieve or fetch the data quickly in return eliminating the search time.


SQL Injection Proof Code

Our coding structure is SQL Injection proof, it doesn’t allow the malicious hackers to inject arbitrary code. Additionally, these are necessary changes to ensure data and web application security and to protect your database from SQL injection!

*Only available in Enterprise Edition

All products running on NETUBE platform share the same features. The maximum video size that can be uploaded to the platform would be dependent on the post variable of the particular server where the solution is going to be staged. However, the maximum validation is 2 GB.


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