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fundraiser is a bundled Crowdfunding script that enables you to get started with your own online Fundraising Software website similar to GoFundMe. Contact us for custom development inquiries.

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The Best GoFundMe Clone for Crowdfunding Website Requirements

Flexible Funding Models

Flexible Funding Models

fundraiser funding model can be set up as per your requirement. All or nothing (Kickstarter way) or the reverse approach (Indiegogo way)  - something rather than nothing.

Standalone Software

Standalone Software

Coded in PHP 5 with our advanced structure. It does not require any 3rd party installation such as Magento, Joomla or WordPress.

SEO Friendly Design

SEO Friendly Design

fundraiser comes loaded with On-Page SEO and marketing modules, saving you thousands of dollars you would otherwise have to spend with other ready made cheap Fundraising Website Scripts.

Custom Develop

Customize it your way

This fundraiser is 100% customizable. Contact us for your custom development requirement, be it an addition of new features, new design UI or alteration requirement, we will be happy to help.


What support you will get from us?

Stable Release

Stable Release

FREE Hosting!

FREE Hosting!

FREE 1 Year Support

FREE 1 Year Support

FREE Installation

FREE Installation


What is GoFundMe Clone PHP, Open Source?

GoFundMe Clone is a do-it-yourself crowdfunding platform where people can raise money through crowdfunding for personalized projects like educational expenses, medical emergencies, charities, or any other non-profit initiative. GoFundMe is a leading fundraising website for raising money online for personal projects. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, it takes a very soft approach for goals and deadlines. GoFundMe allows fundraisers to start projects without deadlines. And fundraisers keep every donation raised even if the project doesn’t meet its goal.

GoFundMe clone by NCrypted Websites, is a Crowdfunding Software based on Fundraiser, the highly scalable, robust and user-friendly platform that implements flexible funding models ('all or nothing' OR 'something rather than nothing'). It also uses adaptive payment gateway method. Fundrasier offers great features not only for the administrator, but also for the fundraisers and backers. 

Fundraiser, the ready-to-go Crowdfunding Software by NCrypted Websites, comes loaded with innovative features enabling startups to easily launch a fundraising website, hassle-free. Fundraiser can also be customized to fit your niche market and business needs because it has a highly flexible and robust framework.

Salient features of our GoFundMe Clone 

  • Raise funds for personalized projects and campaigns
  • No deadlines or goal requirements
  • No penalties if you miss your goal
  • Lets fundrasiers keep every donation they receive
  • Enables the creation of mobile friendly campaigns
  • Supports 5 minutes email support
  • Share the campaigns on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Share your project with friends and families

How GoFundMe Clone works?

GoFundMe Clone is the most innovative Crowdfunding Clone available, where people can raise money through crowdfunding for their personal requirements, events or causes that could make their life better.

The fundraisers need to create a fundraising campaign and then begin sharing their story, photos, setting the theme. Sharing their campaign with family and friends, through multiple social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and emails. In order to receive donations securely, fundraisers need to link to their PayPal account for bank transfers, or they can request a check

On successfully receiving the donations, the fundraiser can post the updates and share thanksgiving message and use the fund for their targeted project or cause regardless of whether the project reaches its goal in case of all-or-nothing type campaign.

This initial procedure remains common for all the types of campaigns – personal campaigns, charity fundraising, and all-or-nothing, however there minor changes like in case of charity fundraising, the donations received are directly sent to the charitable institutes and in case of all-or-nothing campaigns there is prerequisite to mention goal requirements and deadlines.

How does payment process work for GoFundMe clone?

GoFundMe clone invariably has to deal with the money as people come up here only from monetary perspectives. Henceforth, it becomes necessary to implement secure payment gateway to ensure smooth working of payment process. In GoFundMe clone, there are 3 key-role players, each of which are eligible to pay different amounts respectively:

  1. The Administrator

The Administrator, the owner of the crowdfunding platform (startups-entrepreneurs), deducts 5% of each donation received on a campaign from the Fundraisers. These charges are generally the operating charges, infrastructure or for payroll, etc.

  1. The Fundraiser

The fundraiser has to pay the 5% of the each donation to the crowdfunding owner + (2.9 % Transaction Fees + $0.30 per transaction to the Payment Gateway Holder like PayPal, Stripe, etc.)

  1. Backers/Donors

Backers/Donors refers to crowdfunders who fund for different campaigns. They are generally never charged any hidden fee. They are eligible to pay only the amount they have donated. However, they may be rewarded with a gift from the project creator.

Note: The percentage of deduction fees and transaction fees are variable and can be customised as per business requirements by the administrator.

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