Bespoke custom development solution for your crowdfunding venture

Do you require a custom solution for your projects? Contact us; we understand your custom development requirement specific to your target market and audience. Fundraiser by NCrypted is an advanced innovative and scalable crowdfunding platform that almost automates your fundraising business. The beauty of the software lies in its flexibility, robustness along with user-friendly UI (User Interface). The kickstarter clone platform is highly scalable and built inside our IDC so it is easy for us to develop a customize solution according to your requirements.

Do you require customization?

We understand that if you are planning big, you'd always prefer to customize Fundraiser to meet up with your niche requirements - be it for a new design or add new features. We understand that you may have custom development requirement specific to your target market niche and audience. Fundraiser by NCrypted is an advanced, innovative and scalable crowdfunding platform that almost automates your fundraising business.

Custom Development Ideas for your Crowdfunding Venture

You may have your own unique set of features and requirement depending upon your target niche. We understand that a ready made script or platform 'as is' may not be fit to your business requirement, yet at the same time if the platform is scalable enough, you can leverage the most of it instead of starting over from scratch. We recently developed a project which was of merging two platforms, kickstarter clone and freelancer clone platform. Project was for a niche market - education. Requirement included the need to develop a platform where people with new ideas or projects can raise funds. And at the same time, they can hire freelancers from the same website marketplace for development of the same project after raising the targeted funds. So, we are talking about a fundraising platform merged with freelance marketplace with auction module.

What is important here is to make sure that common modules such as sign up, login, member profile etc. are not duplicated and integrate parameters from both the platforms. This level of integration is highly impractical and costly  if you are using two different scripts or platforms from different vendors. But, with NCrypted it becomes easy not only because all such website clone platforms and scripts would be developed by us, they all are running on the same NCT framework, which saves a lot of time and cost for such level of customization.

Check out this article on merging website clone ideas and php scripts to learn how we integrate different innovative business ideas and website clones in a cost effective way.

With NCrypted, the possibilities are endless. Let's get in touch to discuss more about your custom development requirement.

All products running on Fundraiser such as Kickstarter CloneIndiegogo Clone and SecondMarket Clone share the same features.

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