TradeMart Features

General Features

Admin Features

  • Ease of use of Admin Panel
  • Rich Text WYSIWYG editor
  • Attractive Admin Dashboard
  • Content Management System(CMS)
  • Manage Users
    • User Management
    • Manage user verification requests
  • Location Management
    • Country management
    • State management
    • City management
  • Categories and sub-categories Management
  • Manage Products
    • Products management
    • Reported products management
  • Manage buying requirement
    • Buying requirement management
    • Reported buying requirement management
  • Featured product fee management
  • Low MOQ value management
  • Home page slider images management
  • View Payment History

Users Features

  • User profile (Personal info and business info)
  • Post buying requirement
  • Management of Posted buying requirements
  • Management of submitted quote(s) on buying requirement(s) posted by other users
  • List new product – User will have an option to make the product featured also
  • Uploaded products management
  • Search products, sellers and buying requirements
  • Add Product, sellers and buying requirements to favorite list
  • Contact supplier (to send inquiry related to any of the product listed by the supplier)
  • Submit quotation on posted buying requirements
  • Payment History
  • Change password
  • Manage Email notifications settings

Common Features

  • Login and Sign Up with Email
  • Sign in with Facebook
  • Secure & bug-free release
  • Email Confirmation/Verification
  • Remember me option
  • Password recovery (i.e. Forgot password)
  • Flag Service

Advanced Features

Unique Features

  • Separate private messaging system (PMS) for normal messages and inquiry messages
  • System Alert messages
  • Content or Unique Design
  • Payment Gateway Integration (PayPal) to receive payments (payment done by the users to make product featured)
  • Featured products list along with “Featured Tag”
  • Photo bank management
  • Set visibility of contact information
  • List of product which are listed with low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and hot Products
  • List of new buying requirements
  • Advanced filter options in product, seller and buying requirement search result page
  • Help tool tip

Marketing & Promotional Features

  • On-Page SEO (Search Engine optimized pages and code to ensure Google, Yahoo and Bing will love your website)
  • Social Bookmarking/Promotional panel

Security Features

  • Email Verification
  • SQL injection and XSS hacking proof coding structure and database
  • Database indexing for fast page loading

*Only available in Enterprise Edition

All products running on Trademart platform such as Alibaba Clone share the same features.
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