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Social Network Script

Social Network Script

Social Network Script

Social Network Script by NCrypted is a platform that facilitates connection among people of various groups such as friends, professional colleagues, society, etc. Social Networking sites makes easy to find people of their interest who resides in their network and can seek their help whenever needed.

Nowadays many social networking sites (SNS) are there over the internet and still growing. Some of the most popular social networks are Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Badoo, Netlog and many more. Recent trend of developing website clone is on boom and all major website clones are offered by NCrypted Technologies for various groups of people.

Creativity is a key to succeed in social networking site and you can get innovative creation for social-networking sites that are being offered by NCrypted Technologies. We customize and also merge two platforms as per the niche market requirements of the clients. Integrating different website clones and scripts becomes easy with NCT framework, as scripts are being developed at our IDC (Development Center). Thus saving your valuable time and cost to integrate or customize the social network script.

Benefits of Social Network Script

  • Allows users to promote upcoming events and functions
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Allows members to send/receive messages to friends, colleagues and people who are listing items that interest them
  • Enables members to create custom widgets that enable them to create photo cube, send cards, countdown timer and create photo borders
  • Enables to know upcoming events and functions that take place on regular basis
  • Members can set their own text and banners so that they can make a regular income when users click on the adverts
  • Members can form networks with experts to fill information gaps and augment knowledge by participating in group discussions
  • Enables user to browse users according to the gender and age preferences around the distant localities based on the amount of distance from the user's location
  • Enables messaging and chatting with online users from the entire site
  • Shows a list of profile visitors, people who want to meet the user and people who have added the user in their favorites
  • Customizable admin panel with user friendly CMS

Website Clones powered by Social Network Script

  • Facebook Clone – Facebook clone is the popular social networking script with the immense popularity among all social media market script. With the immense features like sharing, comments and like/dislike makes this facebook clone a huge success.
  • MySpace Clone – My Space Clone is a social networking site for music lovers, who can create various communities for music and allow people of the same interest to communicate. We will be glad to customize functionalities for the your social network site, My Space Clone as per your requirements.
  • LinkedIn Clone – LinkedIn Clone is a professional networking site that aims at business and job opportunities. NCrypted offers you the customized functionality along with the marketing and search engine optimized featured pages to reduce your marketing expenditure.
  • Badoo Clone – Badoo Clone is also one of the growing social networking sites among 180 different countries. With the immense features of chatting, dating, making friends and many more makes its presence remarkable among all social network script.
  • Netlog Clone – Netlog Clone is stud with standard features that offer managing friends from various sources such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others, Logs, Games. Dating is the new feature of Netlog Clone, enjoy and experience extended and customized feature in Netlog Clone offered by NCrypted Technologies.
  • Orkut Clone – Orkut Clone is a social networking website, with amazing features to share your hobbies, interests with all your friends online in the form of pictures, videos or text.

Great! How do I get started?

NCrypted has a ready-made solution for social network script - Buy It Now. For Custom Development - Just submit your requirement using our Request for Proposal (RFP)/Quote form with details pertaining to your Social Network script project requirement. An executive from NCrypted® will get in touch with you within a day.

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