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Disclosed: How does Rover Work?

disclosed how does rover work

In one sentence it can be said that “it’s all about the pet lovers”, Right from having a pet to living our lives with them, makes us feel that they are family, isn’t it? But realizing today’s bustling life, Dog owners have to face many challenges in order to keep up with them all the time of the day, but as it says “Every limitation are sort of illusions”, this is when the innovation of Rover came into the picture where the dog owners can shower their unconditional love all the time . Rover provides a marketplace for people to buy and sell, pet care services including Pet sitting, Dog boarding, Dog walking, Doggy daycare, Drop-in visits and House sitting

It was established in 2011, Seattle, Washington and at present it has gained lots of appreciation in context to user-friendliness, services and financial support. It is a unique 2-way cohesion between Dog owner and Dog sitter. Users can register easily with Facebook and serve their purpose by providing basic details relative to their role. Now, you must be wondering: How does Rover work?

Let’s understand that in key details.

How does Rover work?

Answering the question: How does Rover work? – is quite simple as a matter of fact. Rover is a platform that connects people with pet sitters. Here’s an interesting thing. You don’t have to be an expert to become a pet sitter but pet parents have the privilege to explore profiles in a specific location and ask for a person based on their ratings and reviews. This draws earning for dog sitters and care for dogs in absence of dog owner. So, how does Rover work has basically o growing concerns over Rover is it provides rover cards to the sitters which help in the tracking dog and its activities through pictures, and then sitters can send them easily to the owners

It is available on all Platforms such as Android, iOS as well as the web. It is simply a concept of a win-win situation between Dog owner and sitter, wherein after login, there is a verification feature for dog sitters that require background checks on them.

Owners can search the sitters by selecting the required service, and mentioning the dates and location for it, the search algorithm works on sitter’s reviews and ratings, location and response rate for inquiry, upon finding the right sitter, owner can provide all the necessary information regarding pick up/drop off date and time along with pet details, this will be seen by the sitter in a message

Types of Services by Rover

  • Dog boarding – Now, looking at it, the first thing that comes in our mind is what is dog boarding? It is a service offered by sitters, who takes the owner’s dog to his/her own kennel or house, and takes care of him/her according to owner’s guidance
  • House sitting – It is a service that seems familiar from the name itself, isn’t’? , Rover helps the owners to find the sitters who stay at owner’s place and take care of the pet according to the requirements until the owner is away
  • Drop-In visits – Sitters stop by owners home a few times a day for 30 minutes each time to feed and play with the owner’s dog. Owners are charged on a per-visit basis.

Now consider the scenario when the owner is at work, some of the services are designed especially for such case, Let’s have a look at it

  • Doggy daycare – It is a service where the owner’s dog is cared for during the day while he/she is at work or otherwise occupied. Doggy daycare offers playtime, companionship, and supervision. Owner Drop offs the dog at sitter’s home in the morning and picks them up in the evening.
  • Dog walking – As the name itself defines, It is service wherein dogs are taken for a stroll or walk by the sitters for the fixed interval of time and are paid for it accordingly, Owner’s dog gets a 30-minute walk around their neighbourhood.

Financing for Rover

Rover was found in 2011, and in the next year, first round of investment funding was secured in April 2012, led by Madrona Venture Group, looking forward their main investors include Petco, Technology Crossover Ventures, Menlo and Spark Capital , we can say that considering this year , raised another $155 million funding.

How does Rover make money?

How does Rover make money is an interesting question Right? Really we would have in mind, through what sources and what ways does it make money? Rover earns from both the stakeholders, Service fees from owners and commission from sitters, currently, it charges the Fixed percentage of the sitter earnings and a percentage range service fees from owners, Rover does background checks on all sitters (Rover was first to do this).

Service Fees

The service fee was increased up to 5-7% of the total booking for new account holders at the beginning of September 2015.


The commissions were set in a manner that the dog walkers and pet sitters whose profiles got approved on or after March 1, 2016, should be eligible to get 80% of the income from each booking. Now, all sitters whose profiles got approved before the mentioned date should be eligible to get 85% of the income from each booking.

How does RoverGO work?

RoverGo is basically a great alternative for sitters who just want to get the best out of themselves on Rover. It is also engrossing to note that RoverGo sitters, in general, get to be in touch with clients a little faster, earn more cash, and get more stays.

If any sitter wants to sit at least four times a month consider joining RoverGO. Sitters with rover go get many advantages such as

  • An expertly written profile.
  • A session with a professional photographer—a $150 dollar value.
  • A boost in search while you’re new—so your profile is more visible to potential clients.
  • A RoverGO banner and badge on your profile, proving your dedication to your dog-sitting business and indicating you’ve been met in person by a Rover representative.
  • A background check.
  • The RoverGO welcome package—a $65 dollar value.

How does Rover Work for Dog Sitters?

Now, let’s see how does Rover work for dog sitters. If someone loves animals and would like a way to earn some extra money on the side, pet sitting might just be the perfect fit for then The best part is that no expert training or any sort of certifications are compulsory. Just one though! Pet sitters must love pets and know how to keep them safe in a risk-free and loving environment.

They can earn part-time as well as full time, the main reason incomes through Rover vary so much is the fact that sitters are able to set their own rates and choose their own schedules.

Sitters that treat Rover like a part-time job and take two or three dogs for two weeks out of the month earn an average of $1,000 per month. Meanwhile, those that treat Rover like a full-time job, working 4 weeks out of the month and taking 2-3 dogs at a time, earn an average of $3,300/month.

Rover Business Model Canvas

rover business model canvas

User flow of Rover Business Model

Here is the brief detail of Rover business model.

Dog Owner

For dog owners, if they’re looking to hire a dog sitter, upon signing up in, they can browse available sitters by their ZIP code and travel dates. Add their own dogs will all the preferences, further owners can read profiles and reviews of sitters in their neighbourhood and contact them for a face-to-face meeting or phone call.

Dog Sitter

Users or fellow dog lovers can become a sitter once they are verified by the Rover admin, upon verification, sitters can edit the profile details such as Personal information, Services, rates, manage calendar and also add their own dog

Sitter will receive the service request, in his/her inbox and can view details of the owner, dog, preferable time and date and payment details including selected service rate, nightly rate, commission deduction, sitter will have an option to modify the booking details or cancel it, Sitter will receive the money after 2 days of service in the rover account, they can withdraw money once received in their rover account

How to start a website similar to Rover?

If you are attracted with How does Rover Work and How does Rover Make Money and also want to develop an on-demand platform similar to Rover then we have the best solution for you. PetSitCare – An on demand pet sitting software that allows you to start your own pet sitting business.

Here’s an interesting read if you want to read more about PetSitCare: Launching PetSitCare – On Demand Pet Sitting Software that Will Take Your Startup to the Next Level

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