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AirBNB Clone - BistroStays is an innovative vacation rental script developed by NCrypted which lets you start your own accommodation booking and rental website similar to AirBNB. Let's get in touch to discuss whether you will require a ready made AirBNB clone or a custom development solution for a similar website of your own for your niche market.
Manufactured by: NCrypted Technologies Pvt. Ltd
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AirBNB Clone

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Airbnb Clone


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The most powerful AirBNB Clone!

Stable Release

Stable Release


BistroStays by NCrypted comes bug-free and fully tested before it is deployed on your server. Our quality assurance process makes sure that you won't have to worry about anything other than running your online accommodation booking business online.

BNB Platform

A BNB Platform


BistroStays is not just another me-too script. It is a full-fledged bed and breakfast platform which almost automates your day to day tasks such as user management (CRM), listing management, CMS etc.

Free One Year Support

Free One Year Support


Enjoy our genuine AirBNB clone script with our on-going maintenance support commitment FREE for a year! Support can't get any better!

Free Installation

Free Installation


Our complimentary professional installation and deployment service ensures you don't have to deal with what you don't like.

Scalable, User-friendly

Scalable & User-friendly


BistroStays is a very scalable, robust and user-friendly bed and breakfast platform that allows you to build your own website similar to AirBNB.

Standalone Software

Standalone Software


Coded in Core PHP 5 with our progressive structure and architecture specifically designed to create clone platforms faster while maintaining optimum quality. No 3rd party installation such as Joomla, Magento or WordPress required.

SEO Friendly Design

SEO Friendly Design


BistroStays comes loaded with On-Page SEO and marketing modules, saving you thousands of dollars you would otherwise have to spend with other cheap ready made AirBNB clone scripts.

Custom Build

Custom Build


We understand that simply using the ready made script may not fulfill all your niche market requirements. Our AirBNB clone platform is highly scalable and can easily be customized for your specific requirements. We can also go for a complete custom development solution from scratch.

Why BistroStays?

NCrypted's BistroStaysTM (an AirBNB Clone) is an advanced vacation rental script / software that enables you to run your own reservation platform to help people find accommodations for a fee. It is an ideal platform for entrepreneurs looking to create their own niche marketplace for online reservations. AirBNB clone script is the most convenient way for travelers to find and book online accommodation with details like property type, room type, space description, amenities, location, price, perms, and photos collected with online and automated financial transactions.

BistroStays is an innovative vacation rental, house rental, peer to peer (P2P) script  (similar to Airbnb) designed by NCrypted for entrepreneurs seeking to create a virtual marketplace for vacation rental, travel community and people looking for better and cheaper options when it comes to travel accommodations.

Why do you need your own AirBNB Clone or a vacation rental script?

Think of it this way. There is a football event going to be held in your city. Due to this popular upcoming event, a large number of tourists and people are expected to visit your city from neighboring cities, states and even from other countries. All the conventional hotels in your city cannot accommodate the inflow as during this time period, the accommodation demand will be beyond your city's capacity. You all of a sudden realize that you have a couple of rooms vacant in your house that you can perhaps rent on bed and breakfast norms? This will not only generate handsome alternate income for you but could become a very successful business if you are able to book orders online from your own Airbnb like website.

Automate your rental business with NCrypted's AirBNB Clone Script

NCrypted's AirBNB Clone, which is a vacation rental script, is highly innovative and loaded with state-of-the-art features that will almost automate your entire process of running your marketplace website. Our AirBNB clone arguably has the best combination of feature-rich platform along with the best possible user interface that ensures you optimum return on your investment. We have gone the extra mile to study all the leading BNB (Bed And Breakfast) websites, vacation rental websites and travel accommodation websites and have gathered the best of all of them to build this unique software.

Kindly have a look at some of the core modules and features that come loaded with this innovative AirBNB script to get an idea of what we are talking about.

Salient Features of AirBNB Clone

AirBNB Clone - Booking Engine

Automate your online booking process

Our advanced booking and payments module lets you manage your entire vacation rental and BNB (Bed & Breakfast) business without moving a muscle. All you will have to do is to monitor your subscriptions, members and properties listed on your online bookings website. You can set what commission percentage you'd like to take as your cut from the transactions happening on your website. You can also set in case you require a security deposit from the guests for the period of their stay at a particular property listed on the website by a host. Payments are then automated through the third party payment gateway API. You have the option to choose whether you want to withhold the payment until the guest(s) checkout and then you pay to host manually or automate the process.

Flexible Pricing Options and Management

The host has a very detailed pricing module from where he/she can set prices on various parameters for his/her listed properties on your vacation rental website. This module then almost automates the host's pricing terms as the host has the ability to set daily/nightly, weekly, monthly prices. Not only that, if the host wants to lease his/her place while away, he/she can set up a one-time sublet for a specified time period. Outside the sublet time period, all the default settings will stay effective. Advanced pricing module enables the host to set security deposit, weekend pricing and weekly pricing (variable per day). This does not end here - the host can also enable season based pricing model such as for summer, autumn, winter and spring.

AirBNB Clone - Property Pricing

Performance Analytics (Reports and Statistics)

Performance Analytics module enables you to view your daily traffic on your AirBNB Clone. You have page views report on daily, monthly parameters along with inquiries and reservations statistics as well to track your progress.

Marketing and SEO-friendly AirBNB Clone

The AirBNB clone script by NCrypted comes optimized with On-Page search engine optimization (SEO). This allows you to attract FREE and targeted traffic from leading search engines. Not only that, various other marketing features such as invite friends, auto-mailers, referral incentive program etc. motivates your users to become your brand ambassadors and sales personnel. Facebook Connect enables users to sign-in using their facebook credentials and thus enabling you to cater to a larger member database of the social networking giant.

Legal Information

Please note that the use of the phrase "Airbnb clone" is for marketing purpose only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a website similar to another site. NCrypted® certifies that the entire design and code has been completely developed and built by our own team of developers. No code, design or graphics has been used from the Airbnb website. NCrypted's custom solution enables you to run a B&B cum vacation rental website which is similar to Airbnb.

NCrypted is in no means associated with Airbnb.

Contact us today to order ready made or custom development solution for your own Airbnb clone.