NCrypted launches Thumbpin – the next ‘uber for x’ model, for the small service business industry.

Thumbpin - Service Marketplace Platform

Thumbpin – Service Marketplace Platform

The service economy has hailed towards the era of uberification, where marketplaces can serve the consumers with the offline services through their websites and mobile apps (On-Demand Mobile Services). And, when this trend is hailing, it’s the next smart move to start your own local and small service providing website similar to Thumbtack. However, if you are the next startup business or the upcoming entrepreneur, implementing the ‘uber for x’ business model can help you into making the profitable business. The coming year 2016 is also being predicted to be the year of small service business trends. And, to help you in this, NCrypted has come up with one such ‘uber for x’ model – ‘Thumbpin’.

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Thumbpin – a small service marketplace platform that lets you start your own local service providing website similar to Thumbtack. It is an online marketplace website that connects service providers with customers. The customers need not roam around tirelessly in search of people for getting a task done. Rather, they can get on online marketplace and hire the best professionals they find it for their work and click the button and get the paid services accordingly.

The services the customers usually demand could be for logistics service, groceries, massage and wellness treatments, hair and makeup artist, guitar tutors, doctor, baby sitters, events and wedding planner, photographer and the list goes endless. To fulfill these services there are numerous service providers available on Thumbpin.

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Thumbpin works upon the commission-based business model, where the service providers need to purchase the credits in order to be able to send the quotes to the customers for a specific job. Consequently, this model is highly intuitive for those thinking to generate revenue merely by providing a platform to the service providers who are thinking to earn from the society with their professional services and serve them.

Highlighting Features of Thumbpin:

  • Attractive Admin Dashboard with its ease of use
  • User-Friendly and Mobile Friendly (Responsive) GUI
  • Service categories and sub-categories management (CMS)
  • Service Provider Business Profile Management
  • Reviews and Ratings Panel (Customer Stories)
  • On-page SEO

The features does not get limited here, you can checkout complete information for Thumbpin on

If you are willing to start one such local service providing website, launch it with Thumbpin. Or, if you want to target any niche market segment or according to your business needs, share your ideas with us and we shall customize it with Thumbpin. Please get in touch to know more on this subject.

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