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Over the past few decades, the dating website or application industry has exhibited dramatic growth over the years. Online dating applications have enjoyed a large and loyal user base by launching a dating startup that connects people with the same interests.

Therefore, the demand for dating apps like Tinder increases every day. Online dating apps like Tinder incarnates as the hottest thing today. By upholding more than 100 million users, 5.2 million subscribers and with an 800 million US dollar revenue, Tinder shines as the best business concept that is looking forward to the development of dating applications.

If you plan to build a dating application like Tinder, Congratulations!! You step towards the amazing business strategy. Large customer base, high level of involvement, and other returns are some of the win-win situations for the success of your business.

So, if you have compiled an idea of ​​features, functions, user bases, and more, great!!! You can discuss this with the best application development company to get useful results.

But if you are a complete newbie and want to know more about apps similar to tinder or it’s significant details, you are in the right place. We got you man! 😉

Let’s go!!

But First, The Question is: What is Tinder?

Time has changed. The era of Shakespeare romance has long passed. However, it’s old now. Tinder, the app for couples was launched in 2012. It was in Hatch Labs, that shifted us towards the right/left swipe. Moreover, it has currently witnessed a whopping 1.6 million swipes per day. It was launched in Los Angeles, California) by Shar Dubey (CEO, Match Group) and by Jim Lanzone (CEO).

Tinder was released in 2012, (yes, when the world was predicted to end due to disaster events). In just two years, it managed to reach more than one billion swipes a day! And since then it has been connecting countless hearts.

At present, Tinder applications go up and run in 196 countries, so it is quite accessible throughout the world. In addition, users spend at least 90 minutes on it every day, on average.

What’s Next? Now let’s look at Tinder’s Revenue side.

Tinder is the main coach among all the dating apps in the world, quite $ 78.4 million plus in user expenses. That’s just a tip of an iceberg. Revenue of Tinder in 2019 September also exceeded the second top dating application, Bumble. It whooping exceeded by more than $ 50 million.

In fact, in the first quarter, Tinder’s annual revenue grew higher than Netflix, in the category of non-gaming applications.

In the meantime, Tinder’s success stats without a doubt expressed, it had around 6.64 million downloads as well as in excess of 30 billion matches in the recent year.

The global online dating application market is estimated to reach USD 11.03 billion in 2028, up at a CAGR 5.6 percent from 2021 to 2028.

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It sounds like a large customer base! To be honest, it’s no secret that dating apps similar to tinder have been distilled down into one of the most popular monetization strategies for young entrepreneurs popping up.

So, what is behind the numbers? The answer is user appeal technology. Let’s explore some of its features:

The simplicity of the interface

All you need is entering and swipe. Large images, simple movements and convenience features that are easily accessible.

Location base

Tinder is one of the first dating platform to initiate GPS Tracking Mobile feature successfully. The trick is we are more likely to start a relationship with someone from the same road than the one above the ocean.

Optimized Analyzing

Tinder analyzes profiles automatically, comparing our Facebook and Instagram profiles and browse information about our friends from social networks without our extra effort. We don’t need to spend a lot of time on our profile – all we need to do is check what is picked up by Tinder for us.

AI approach to behavioural analysis

Users produce a lot of data. Tinder’s algorithm analyzes it immediately, learn from it, and try to adopt a search engine to a particular dating style. This application shows more people from the type you should like according to your previous behaviour and show not to those who are not your favorite types.

But no matter how interesting to repeat everything that has done Tinder on the market that has not been achieved, think about this twice. In the global market, the platform is known. Instead of copying, try to make niche resources based on the Tinder concept. Tinder for LGBTQ, people from certain age or interest – this is always a free niche in many regions.

How Dating Apps Similar to Tinder Generate Money?

Don’t you think that’s an important question? It’s a $2 Billion Dollar Industry! Dating apps similar to Tinder costs depend on unlimited factors such as affiliate marketing, sponsored profiles, purchases and advertisements in applications etc. It’s undoubtedly one of the most common approaches to make money through your dating apps. Most dating apps like Tinder allow original advertising, video ads and banners to increase application involvement. Regardless of advertising, the dating apps similar to tinder also makes money through the approach below:

1. Subscribe:

Some app for couples give users a trial period to use the application for free and after the period beyond the subscription fee must be paid to continue the use of services. Undoubtedly, This is one of the most usual way to stack up money. Tinder launched Tinder Plus for users with additional features that see people who have been swiped right on their profile. The subscription fee for under 30 years is $ 10 monthly and for people over 30 years is $ 20 every month.

2. Advertisement:

Advertising is space for third party companies. For advertisements in applications like Tinder, which has a large audience, advertisers must pay a good amount of money. Although it has not been officially disclosed by Tinder about advertising costs on the Tinder cellular application, the source knows that the price is $ 5,000 and above for one ad placement.

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3. In-app purchases:

Integration of payments in the dating apps like Tinder can be done by users to access certain special features such as emojis, icons, etc. This is a way to produce when you make an application like Tinder.

4. Premium plan:

When companies build apps like Tinder, they keep certain special features locked. These features can only be opened after paying a certain amount. Premium packages include Tinder Plus Gold Plan and Tinder Platinum, where you also benefit from sponsored profiles.

5. Other:

Apps similar to Tinder also have other features. For example, in the Bumble dating application, women users can only view the match for 24 hours after the match was gone. So, if men users want women to notice their requests longer, they need to buy a long time for 24 hours.

Why Should You Swipe It Right for Developing an App Like Tinder?

Is it worth to build another Android / iOS dating apps when the market is already saturated with similar solutions? A BIG YES! Dating apps like Tinder have come far from where they start. 2020 is a period when the number of users grows to a record 270 million people, and the global online dating market size is valued at USD 7.05 billion in 2020.

According to Business of Apps, the market will continue to grow at a stable level, an average of 9% per year, and income in the online dating segment is projected to reach US $ 3,677 million in 2022. In 2025, the global dating apps that are projected will increase to $ 5,71 billion, according to resources.

Think …

  • How does this application make exploring the entire community of people easier than before?
  • How Covid scenes have limited outdoor movements and make new normal WFH?

And Voila! There you see the future of dating app for couples – nice and bright.

Traditional dating structures have experienced a pretty striking makeover and still, the best hasn’t come!

The day is not far away when the ‘dating application’ will be the answer to the question ‘how do I meet your mother’!

How to make your own Tinder Alternative? A step-by-step guide

To change your ideas about dating apps into reality, you must go through the following stages:

Step 1. Find our niche

Finding a niche is the first stage of starting a Tinder alternative. Even though there are many dating apps like Tinder that are already on the market, you still have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. For that, you need to figure out your niche.

Below you will find the most interesting dating niche, which is currently present on the market.

  • Food preferences: You can base your Tinder alternative as per the of diet choices of people
  • Preferences in lifestyle: You can base your Tinder alternative according to their preference of lifestyle.
  • Favorite pet: You can base your app like Tinder on the bases of pet choices of people.

So, what’s next?

Step 2. Select the Business Model

There are several business models utilized by Tinder and other dating applications to get money:

Premium business model

Users get a free basic application set, but they can buy a premium dating apps version with the following advanced features:

  • Boosted profiles: This application collects users fixed costs to show their profile as the first in search results.
  • Optimized Swiping: This feature, powered by machine learning algorithms, changes the way users see photos.
  • Unlimited likes: While users of the free application version have a large number of right or likes friction, users with paid accounts have unlimited number of likes.
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Step 3. Choose a Right Tech-stack for applications similar to Tinder

Now you have to choose a technology that will power your application and the main thing you need to remember is the scaling.

Step 4. Select the Dating Application Development Team

With many options presented in the mobile application development market. which can make dating apps similar to Tinder according to all rules, standards, and business goals. So, the selection process can be complicated because of the number of offers. In order to select the best arm force, you must pay attention to the below aspects:

Price: The price of the same application from different developers with the same experience / skills can vary significantly. This is probably due to the distinctiveness of regional prices and reputation of the company.

Portfolio: Check the case study of the dating app development company. Moreover, Ask how they make a dating app for couples (how the process is running), whether their experience is suitable for your niche, and determine who will actually work on your project.

4. Develop as well as Launch MVP

Dedicated experts must fully understand how to build dating application in detail. That’s the sole reason they start building an app with the “Introduction” phase. That is, setting project technology requirements and business goals. The next step is prototyping, developing the “draft” application version, preparing a list of technical needs specifications, and making MVP.

5. Testing, launch, and technical support

After developing the dating application like Tinder, the testing stage initiates. If the product and performance meet the client’s expectations, this Tinder Alternative application is then published. However, the development body work does not end here – they offer ongoing technical support for business for a certain period of time.


Too much info to digest at once? Not any summary or conclusions! Here it is:

  • Secret sauce to succeed with the application like Tinder is about three things – Continue to bring creativity, provide comfortable features, and the quality of the application.
  • Don’t eliminate your objectives after you start creating your Tinder alternative. Good research before starting will be a good starting point, ensuring you start with a comprehensive list of features.
  • Testing your Tinder Alternative is absolutely a must for pre and post launches.
  • Research Competitor application is an important part because it will help you choose a striking surprise element for your users.
  • Strengthen complete security – let them share everything they want but tell them their information is kept safe!

With the increasing demand for dating apps like Tinder, future growth looks inevitable in this space. What you need is an over the point customization & marketing strategy because without that you can’t breathe in cut throat competition in the dating industry. To Be “super like” -ed by the user, you have to match their expectations!

… Oh hey! Your requirements for an app similar to Tinder and our experience amalgamated with expertise – It’s a Match!!


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