Top Mistakes that People Make while Launching their Website Clone



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Mistakes to Avoid

The purpose of having business website is to get global presence across the world. No matter what products and services you are offering either online or at retail shop. Your website represents or reflects you or your brand or services operated from central location of business. No other way to get global presence other than having business website and setting up business website in proper manner as it should be.

Creating online presence along with trust is bit daunting task. Marketing efforts consume much time and some extra efforts will not suffice to boost your business website. There are many such mistakes that website owner does while launching their business website or website clone; try to avoid the following 5 mistakes to get visibility and trust for your website online in your niche market.

No Business Plan and Marketing Strategy

You might be aware that building a dream is like thinking about dream, without thinking you will not be able to dream and the same way you will not get immediate traffic as you launch your business website. General tendency of non-technical business person will think that by purchasing domain name traffic will be seen on their website. And it becomes difficult for those entrepreneurs who rly on online business.

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So, before planning business website you need master business plan and marketing strategy to go ahead with business website and its promotion. Talking about business plan – it involves the following questions to be answered,

Business Planning & Marketing Strategy for your Website – What to keep in mind

  • What niche your business falls in?
  • Who are your targeted customers?
  • How to solve customers’ problems?
  • What are the strengths and weakness of competitors?
  • How to build trust and visibility on website?
  • Analytics and tracking system
  • Differentiating SEO and PPC
  • Knowing importance of social media
  • Review affiliate marketing

Understand Work Involved

Developing a website just by thinking that you will get easy money, and then you are in myth you won’t get that much easily. It involves much work beyond you do business just by order and delivery. Business website requires complete attention along with trial and error strategy by analyzing which strategy is working most and which strategy is not and by which strategy website can drive huge traffic?

You will need to have bulls eye for business structure, though you outsource some part or work and along with you need to spare much time for continuous improvement on your site.

Choosing Host and Platforms

There are plenty of free host providers in market providing free hosting services like Weebly, Blogger and many more. Initially you can start with these platforms and gradually you can move on your own domain.

We would recommend paid domains and host if you have sound financial background, because there are many issues related to free domain and the big one is no one will trust your website as it is hosted on free domain. So investing some dollars would not be a bad investment.

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Too Blog Focused

There are many free blog sites are available in market offering free blogging services to clients and clients continually posting news and updates over there. Blogging sites are specially meant for posting some information or news of company through which company can gain good visitors from there. So don’t post unnecessary blogs just for link buildings. Avoid being much more focused on posting blogs.

Imbalance between Design and Message

Design of websites plays crucial role in catching visitors on website and stick to it, instead bouncing back from your site. Design of a website should convey message of your business or stating goal of your business to visitor visiting your website and one major thing that also plays vital role in engaging customer is quality content.

So these are top 5 mistakes that every business owner should avoid before launching their site.

Neil S is a marketing enthusiast and works as a technology content writer at NCrypted.

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    thank you

  2. Yes it absolutely is, but I knew that creating another website was another
    option so I wanted to explore whether or not that still makes sense for some
    people. A responsive design, in my opinion, is definitely the way to go!

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