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Kickstarter Clone - Fundraiser is an innovative crowdfunding script developed by NCrypted which lets you start your own crowdfunding and fundraising website similar to Kickstarter. Let's get in touch to discuss whether you will require a ready made kickstarter clone or a custom development solution for a similar website of your own for your niche market.
Manufactured by: NCrypted Technologies Pvt. Ltd
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Kickstarter Clone

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Kickstarter Clone


one domain support

Kickstarter Clone


Ready-made or Custom

We understand that simply using ready-made script will not fulfill all your niche market requirements. So we provide you with an opportunity to customize according to your demand so you need not have to pay for the functionalites that are not necessary for your business. 

Why NCrypted for Kickstarter Clone

Standard platform with basic in-built features that enables you to kickstart your project. It is very crucial to develop your product quickly with quality and cost-effective rates. NCrypted's solution enables you to do that. Stop wasting time on 3rd party script.
Revenue Model

Revenue Model

Revenue can be generated by two different ways from your Kickstarter Clone: advertising banners or membership plan. Our business team will help to judge which revenue model that suits your crowdfunding business so that you can go to market with confidence.
Support and Maintenance

On-going Support and Maintenance

NCrypted is your one stop solution. We assume full responsibility of not only design to development and deployment but for on-going support and maintenance after development as well.

FundraiserTM - The most powerful Kickstarter Clone in market!

Fundraiser (A Kickstarter clone by NCrypted®) enables you to create a fundraising or crowdfunding website where you can invite fundraisers and donors (backers) to get the crowd or people to help fund for member's project(s). It is the platform where people from around the world can post their projects to raise fund from a crowd of investors. NCrypted's Kickstarter clone is an advanced and innovative fundraising / crowdfunding platform that lets fundraisers indulge in projects for the purpose of raising funds from a crowd, hence it is also known as a crowdfunding website or a crowdfunding platform. Contrary to Kickstarter ("all or nothing") and other such crowdfunding websites, our Kickstarter clone script as a social fundraising tool guarantees that the fundraiser can keep all the money you raise even if you don't reach your goal. So, it is really up to you as to what kind of fundraising model you want for your own kickstarter clone and manage this module accordingly from the Admin Panel Console.
Kickstarter clone, which is a crowdfunding platform, facilitates the fundraiser to get funding for their projects through social networking sites. It follows the concept of all-or-nothing funding or the other way around, depending upon your selection. Visitors' projects are funded full much before the time expires or before money exchanges hands.
Kickstarter Clone

Kickstarter Clone Ideas

Crowdfunding concept is not new to the world. Right from the day the stock markets (secondary markets) were introduced, man knew the meaning of crowdfunding. While having striking similarities in the concept, crowdfunding websites fundamentally differ from the traditional stock markets. Investors invest their money in a company listed under a particular stock market in return for equity/shares of that company, whereas for crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc. donors pledge money in return for a tangible or intangible equity. It can be any type of reward that the fundraiser wishes to offer in exchange of a certain amount of investment in his/her project.
The idea is appealing though as this typically works for projects which require smaller amount of funding, generally not exceeding $5 million USD.

Types of Crowdfunding Projects

NCrypted's solution for Kickstarter clone enables you to run your own crowdfunding website for any purpose and entertain any industry or category of projects. There is no limitation to only creative projects to be listed for fundraising as in the case of Be it for fashion, music, technology, publishing, games, film & video, art or precisely any category - you can easily manage them from the Admin Panel.

Salient Features of Kickstarter Clone

Kickstarter Clone

Real-time Funding Progress

How much funding has been done on a particular project can be viewed in real-time with the funding progress bar. If a project successfully meets the funding goal in a given timeline/deadline then the project is marked as 'Successful', failing which makes the project tagged as 'Unsuccessful'. It is up to you as to decide whether you still want the fundraiser to receive the funds in case of an unsuccessful fundraising campaign or return the money to the donors.

Selection of Payment Gateway

Not all payment gateway service providers will support crowdfunding and fundraising platforms and websites. The reason is simple. Unlike other type of websites and website clones, crowdfunding websites such as kickstarter clone that NCrypted has designed, the problem is more related with unsuccessful projects which have failed in raising the goal/target funds. When a project becomes unsuccessful, the money has to be refunded to all the donors/backers of/for that project - if you have set the pricing policy to 'all of nothing'. 3rd party payment gateways such as Paypal treat this 'refund' transaction as a normal transaction only and hence you, being the website owner or the webmaster, unnecessarily end up paying twice the commission to such a payment gateway service provider. This will not work as a best solution to have as per your business model or plan. Selecting the partner wisely when it comes to payment processing hence becomes crucial.

After years of our experience in building crowdfunding and fundraising websites such as kickstarter clone, we have identified and integrated a hand-picked list of payment gateway service providers which support crowdfunding business model and 'refunds' as refunds only without further cutting any commission off of that transaction.

Full Admin Control over your homepage panels

Crowdfunding Script

Panels like 'Staff Picks' and 'Popular this week' let you decide what projects you want to show on the homepage. This is easily manageable from the Admin Panel Console.


Defining rewards

There is a separate module for this which lets the fundraiser define rewards for the backer or the donor. Rewards would generally be something that can be given to the backer or the donor on successful launch of the project and be part of that project, which is very important. i.e. for a successful music album launch the reward can be a DVD pack of the same to the backer.

The FundraiserTM can also embed videos and upload images to support his fundraising project campaign.

Social Media and Marketing for your Kickstarter Clone

Facebook Connect enables the user to be able to login using his/her facebook credential and thus enabling you to attract visitors and members who would otherwise be reluctant on signing up on your crowdfunding website / kickstarter clone. Social bookmarking on important pages enables your users to share fundraising projects listed on your website and spread them viral.

Great! How do I get started?

Let's get in touch - contact us now with details pertaining to your project requirement for building a website similar to Kickstarter. A business expert from NCrypted for Kickstarter clone development and related industry will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Ready made Kickstarter Clone Script or Custom Development Solution - Choice is Yours

Ready made Kickstarter Clone Platform: Our Kickstarter clone platform already has standard features developed that enables you to kick start your project quickly with quality. The advantage of working with us is the fact that we've already got the base ready for you! The website clone architecture that we use in creating cutting-edge clone scripts similar to Kickstarter is highly scalable, robust, user-friendly and can easily be customized as per your project requirements.

Kickstarter Clone Custom Development Solution: While ready made off-the-shelf Kickstarter clone script enables you to easily launch your own website similar to Kickstarter at a comparatively cheaper cost initially, you will also want to customize it extensively if the market segment already has significant competition. You simply wouldn't want to go ahead with another me-too website that doesn't deliver a unique message to your target audience and doesn't provide any unique features different than your competitors. A good Kickstarter clone script may have basic features that will allow you to test the shores with a prototype but that might not be enough for a website you are planning to make money with! If you launch your full fledged website with the same common features that everybody else has, why would visitors still be interested in your website which has nothing new or different to offer compared to Kickstarter or the common competition using the same Kickstarter clone script?

Enter NCrypted! This is our expertise and this is what we do. Trust us when we say you will need customization, as you definitely will since your website visitors will want to see something different when they visit your site.

We have the base Kickstarter clone platform ready for you and since the platform is highly expandable and customizable, we can easily modify it to match with your requirements, be it for some design UI (user interface) tweaks or a complete custom design or a responsive web design requirement, a few features alteration or addition of many new unique features and modules - we have been doing it all and are eager to listen to your requirements.

How NCrypted delivers business value?

Contact Us
Startups, enterprises and entrepreneurs contact us for different customization requirements on top of the base Kickstarter clone platform; and that is our USP as our website clone structure and architecture is such that it easily allows us to use the base product platform and then customize it to meet up with the client requirement. Over 500 businesses across 55+ countries have partnered with us for their various project requirements. We assume full responsibility of your Kickstarter clone development project; right from project analysis and assessment to design, development, testing/QA, deployment, hosting, maintenance and beyond - we will be your one stop solution. Get in touch to find out how NCrypted can help bring your Kickstarter clone idea to life so that you can go to market with confidence.


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Legal Information

Please note that the use of the phrase "Kickstarter Clone" is for marketing purpose only as this is how the web development industry refers to building a website similar to another site. NCrypted certifies that the entire design and code has been completely developed and built by our own team of designers and developers. No code, design or graphics has been used from the Kickstarter website. NCrypted's custom solution enables you to run a website similar to Kickstarter.

NCrypted is by no means associated with Kickstarter.