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Glimpse of AirBNB Clone

You might be aware of AirBNB, If not then than have a glimpse on it. AirBNB is one of the famous rooms and vacation rental websites, office headquartered in San Francisco and branch offices in 10 major cities, from where you can book rooms for vacations in more than 25K cities and 190+ countries. It includes various Yurts, The Eucalyptus, Big Sur Natraj Yurt, Etnohouse and many more. I would like to share some of the features of AirBNB and here are they?

1. You can search place – When you are planning for vacations tours and searching for hotels or rental rooms then it has become easy to find same using AirBNB. AirBNB which is a vacation rental website script, has become huge community service for travelers where you can search flats on rent, rooms, private villas, cottages at low prices that makes planning of trip easy sitting at home.

2. You can even add your own space for rentals – AirBNB offer property owners to rent their extra property and can earn some money from it. If you have property like room, villas, cottages then you can contact AirBNB for rentals and undergo with the procedure for same.

3. AirBNB Picks – This feature is useful in quick searching for Yurts, Marvels, Islands, Abodes, Wagons, Teeny Tiny Houses and many more. Through this you can easily find whatever you need, you don’t have to go through unnecessary options.

4. Wishlists (Recently introduced) – As you the concept of wishlist, you can have a list of favorite places of various users and even you can create your own wishlist and can be shared on Facebook. You can even see your friend’s wishlist.

These are the 4 main features of AirBNB and recently AirBNB had changed the design of their website with dashing background and new look. I would like to list out the salient features of AirBNB,

1. Unique Spaces for everyone.

2. Bookings & Financial Transactions can be done easily.

3. AdSense & Banner Advertisement can be used in clones.

4. Multi-language support.

5. Closer view of each photo.

6. FAQs

7. 24*7 Support

These are the standard features AirBNB, you can even get your own functionality that you need in AirBNB clone. As per your need you can change navigation structure, layout structure, modules can be added and that too using Content Management System.

Website Clones are also managed easy and efficiently using CMS and has many more advantages also, here are some of them.

  • Custom clone has unlimited functionality
  • You can have your own copyright & ownership for your clone
  • Traffic & ROI can be increased using fresh clone
  • Your clone would be unique as compared to 3rd party clone
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Direct support to social networking websites
  • Customized Reports

AirBNB is one of the popular marketplaces for people, through whom people can discover accommodation across globe and they can plan holiday trip efficiently. You can even create your own Airbnb Clone using this powerful vacation rental script from NCrypted, in which you can add customized functionality, can expect global presence and high ROI.

NCrypted Technologies has more than 8+ years of experience in providing website clone services and have served 1,400+ clients for all major and popular websites and projects. For more details on website clones visit our official website.

Neil S
Neil S
Neil S is a marketing enthusiast and works as a technology content writer at NCrypted.

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