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Insights into eBay Business Model

ebay business model

 As the world’s biggest commercial center, eBay has a huge number of postings inhabit any given minute. Since it’s established in 1995, the organization has developed from only one inquisitive software engineer to more than 15,000 workers. In the course of recent years, eBay has turned out to be one of the biggest organizations in America, reliably positioning in the Fortune 500, and is a standout among the most perceived brands far and wide.

The site was launched as an auction site, in the beginning, Pierre Omidyar in his living room in San Jose, California. You would be surprised knowing that NASA has utilized eBay to acquire some technical requirement parts including floppy disk drives and Intel chips.

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eBay Business Model

These days we can distinguish four noteworthy sorts of e-plans from an eBay business model:

  1. The business to business (B2B) segment is utilizing Web-based advances with a specific end goal to lead business between at least two organizations. There might be two subtypes:

– A contact for association between organizations;

– There is an electronic market (e-advertise) in which more purchasers and more dealers connect (Wise and Morrison, 2000)

  1. The business to customer (B2C). The purchaser utilizes a web program to interface with the seller’s webpage through an Internet specialist co-op – ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  2. Customer to customer (C2C) depicts the cooperation of various clients through shared reports, email, and so forth.
  3. Customer to date (C2D) – determines the circumstances when clients require a lot of information and utilize different electronic devices to separate them.

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eBay Business Model Canvas

ebay business model canvas

In this eBay Business Model Canvas of eBay, I have mentioned about Key partners, Key activities, Value proposition, Customer relationship, Key resources, Customer segment, Cost structure, Revenue streams etc.

Business Strategies of eBay Business Model

eBays has been continuously transforming it self to the better version from the beginning. For the most part, for as long as a couple of years eBay business system has been set apart with a move from a postings based organization toward an item based arrangement. The quest for this business methodology has included a gathering of item-related information from vendors to improve client involvement with a definitive point of building machine learning capacities to process a worldwide, available list of things.

At the end of the day, eBay Business Model procedure is endeavoring to move the part and picture of the organization from web-based business facilitator to an online retailer. While this choice by CEO and President Devin Wenig may mirror the general inclination in the worldwide market, eBay may discover it progressively hard to rival Amazon, considering Amazon’s abnormal state of cost-viability and skill in the conveyance of products. eBay business system for a medium-term viewpoint additionally incorporates enhancing its positioning in Google query items through utilizing an organized information.

Note that the business procedure of administration separation requires precise money related interests in innovative work. Starting here of view, it can be contended that eBay may think that its hard to seek after this methodology later on, since, after the partition from PayPal in 2015, eBay lost a strong wellspring of income and a capable development engine.

Segmentation in eBay Business Model

There are 4 types of eBay Business Model segmentation:


Region and density are the prior criteria of the geographic segmentation. Region wise, eBay covers international market and the density wise, it covers


There are 4 criteria which are considered as demographic segmentation of the eBay.

Age- 16 to 60 years

Gender- Male and female

Life-cycle stage- Bachelor stage, newly married couples, Full nest

Occupation: Students, employees, professionals


Here is the list of the behavioral segment.

Degree of loyalty- Hardcore loyals, softcore loyals, switchers

Benefits of sought- Accessing great range of products and services, saving time, earning money

Personality- Easy going, determinant and ambitious

User status- Non-users, potential users, first-time users, regular users, or ex-users or services


There are two types of the psychographic segment.

Social class- Lower class, working class, middle class and upper class

Lifestyle- Resigned, straggler, mainstreamer, aspirer, succeeder, explorer and reformer

Revenue Model of eBay

ebay revenue model

eBay makes money from the marketplace segments of the business.

eBay marketplace empowers people and business to purchase and offer on the web. eBay marketplace portion incorporates eBay’s center worldwide internet business stage, situated at and its restricted partners. It likewise incorporates eBay’s vertical shopping locales, classifieds sites, and promoting service-based business. eBay determines lion’s share of Marketplaces income from a take rate on the Gross Merchandise Volume (or GMV) of the exchanges shut on its Marketplaces exchanging stage. To make the clients more open to exchanging with the obscure accomplices, the stage offers various highlights, for example, Feedback Forum, SafeHarbor Program, Verified Rights Owner Program, eBay Top Rated Seller (eTRS) Program, and eBay Money Back Guarantee. eBay additionally offers reserved programs for the two purchasers and dealers. Dealers and people can list their items through settled value postings or a sale style design.

eBay Value Proposition 

ebay value proposition


Purchasers have known for quite a while that eBay is a built up name in the online commercial center. They have developed to believe the commercial center framework that eBay has made. eBay has likewise looked to keep consumer loyalty high by making and offering a scope of community highlights, for example, client support sheets. Moreover, through the Day by day Deal and Design Vault programs, most purchasers have come to appreciate the value that they can discover on eBay.

Shopping on the web is, for some individuals, considerably more convenient than traditional types of shopping. With the capacity to think about a wide range of items between a wide range of dealers all without escaping a seat the convenience and determination variables of eBay are hard for a solitary site or physical store to coordinate.


Merchants realize that by posting with eBay they will come to a tremendous and worldwide online gathering of people. For instance, by the end of 2010, eBay had roughly 94.5 million dynamic client accounts. A client is viewed as dynamic on the off chance that they have offered on, purchased, or recorded a thing over the most recent a year.

It is additionally workable for dealers to contact crowds that are interested in out-of-season, end-of-life, utilized, or vintage things through the commercial center. Actually, the speediest development rates in development stock and sold things have been in the settled value organize for things that are not in-season.

eBay likewise prides itself on its capacity to process purchaser payments effectively and monetarily. Purchasers may underestimate this element yet any dealers that have endeavored to run their own particular online stores consider this to be a solid esteem.

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Marketing Mix of eBay 

marketing mix of ebay


eBay is the promising player in the world of eCommerce business. eBay has a vast portfolio of the products that are offered on the online portal. The concept of eBay has been designed for those people who are tied to their desk and don’t have time to shop physically. So this kind of buyers can save their time from the online shopping from eBay. eBay’s analysis revolved around the fact most people have a very limited time to go to marketplaces, thus it started selling electronics, home appliances, white goods, brown goods, fitness equipment, so on and so forth online.


Customer switching is very high in this competitive world. eBay offers very competitive price. Thus, eBay has had to keep a sharp eye on price at all times. However, the advantage of online portals is that due to the nature of a business, expenses and overheads are generally lesser than returns on investment.


eBay is practically present on any system which has an internet connection. Thus, the distribution of products is optimum. Customers can use the site to compare products, specifications, price, and looks of the product. Thus, customers get everything that can be obtained in a retail showroom.


In the beginning, eBay stayed away from the promotion, but in today’s competitive scenario, now, it has started doing it through Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Techniques, ads on websites, social media marketing, blogs etc. There is another form of promotion and it is the self promotion where most of the money is spent on eBay. By dropping margins and giving discounts to customers and sellers.

Facts and Statistics about eBay

The company which was established in 1995, is having approximately 171 users by the end of 2017. eBay is also one of the most-visited shopping eCommerce platforms in the United States, surpassing 107 million monthly visits as of July 2016. In 2015, Until September 2014, eBay was also parented company to PayPal before the digital payment provider was spun off into an independent company. The split was completed in July 2015. eBay is also consistently ranked as one of the biggest U.S. online companies based on market cap, which was over 31 billion U.S. dollars as of December 2016.

Investors of eBay

eBay received $6.7 million in funding from venture capital fund Benchmark capital. From there it went on to be listed on NYSE (within first 3 years of operation.)

So, here was the complete business model of eBay, are you planning to launch the marketplace and auction website like eBay? NCrypted Websites’ eBay Clone helps you launch your own online marketplace and auction website similar to eBay where you can invite sellers to sell their products on your website and buyers will surf your website. Here take a look at eBay Clone.

Here are some informative eCommerce business model articles crafted by NCrypted Websites, it’d help further to understand various business models from the eCommerce segment.

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