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Let us Work Along to Find Out How does Guru work

Let us work along to find out how does Guru work

Flexibility at work has been a major point to take heed of since these developing times. Post the industrial revolution in America, employees worked a hundred hours per week. It was Henry Ford who reduced them to forty in his Ford Motor Company, giving birth to the Eight-hour day system. The best move and contribution by H Ford towards a healthy corporate and workforce advancement. An entrepreneurial mind always tends to change things for good.

It has been decades and decades after that, the eight-hour day pattern is still being followed. Major companies, besides eight-hour day pattern, aid their employees with a lot many other facilities. There has been observed the boost in productivity when an ingredient called leisure is allowed to be added to employees’ work-life. And, as the changing times bring some change, the technological air today has brought a change of ‘work remotely’ concept, the concept of freelancing. 

Freelancing or work remotely has proven to be the best for the ones who are not very much work-nine-to-five people. Freelancing has its own major advantages, which possibly everyone is aware of. At work? Somebody asked a freelancer. Replied cheerfully, jollily jobbing, yes! At work. Such contentful a freelancer could be.

Let us move forward in order to understand such a freelance platform called Guru and also about its methodology i.e. how does Guru work.

What is Guru?

Guru is a freelance marketplace. It is a marketplace where freelancers meet employers. A platform where an employer can post the jobs to be done and a freelancer, a guru as what Guru addresses to freelancers can choose to work. Guru is a big pool of freelancers working in varied fields and with Guru they find the finest of the work opportunities. A business looking for different works could benefit from this platform as it covers the freelancers from almost all the fields like Programming & Development, Art & Design, Sales & Marketing etc 

Guru was founded in 1998 as by Inder Guglani, an optimistic entrepreneur. In 2002, it was acquired by Unicru, a human resource software company. It was then renamed to Guru.

Let us proceed to understand how does Guru work.

How does Guru work?

The primary work with Guru is that it is a platform which constantly works in order to connect the employers with the potential freelancers. A platform as a one-stop solution for any sort of employers and freelancers irrespective of location. The features that Guru wears aid the freelancers and employers find a perfect match. A team built good, produces results good. 

As Guru is a marketplace, it has two of its major stakeholders called freelancers as gurus and employers. Let us proceed to understand how does Guru work for both of them.

How does Guru work for Employers?

It is a simple procedure; sign up, hire, manage and pay. Upon registering, employers can post the job. Freelancers can make a quote on it to get it. The employer can select/hire one for them after reviewing their profile, i.e. performance statistics, feedback etc. or they can simply search freelancers for them. Employers can hire multiple freelancers to make a team. Guru provides an option for employers to manage their freelancers by assigning tasks, managing their time/work, assigning different work stations etc. Guru handles the payments via SafePay payment processor.

Employers' work surface
drawing drawn by

How does Guru work for Gurus, the freelancers?

It is again a simple procedure; sign up, find work & get hired, manage, and get paid. Registered gurus are recommended to build their profile very well as it helps them solidly to get a good job. They can quote upon the available jobs and employer will get in touch, or it is the case – simply develop a solid profile to get a good rank and get hired. That is it, show your work-magic and get paid!

Freelancer Work Area
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Freelancers can even choose different membership plans that are offered by Guru in order to get access to the special benefits. Membership plans come with things like benefits in payment fees, access to special or premium features like getting higher rank and more bids etc.

After understanding how does Guru work, let us move ahead and learn about very intrinsic parts – Guru Business Model and Guru Revenue Model.

Guru Business Model

Guru has travelled a journey of its own since its birth in 1998. Guru was, initially, set to work as an online clearinghouse company. It was then dressed up into the one where one can negotiate with their employers. Adding on more features, it presented itself as a platform where the skills of employees would match with the suitable job titles. Finally, it caters as a platform where employers find the heart of their projects, a team and employees/freelancers give their heart, their work. 

Working on its business model time and again, Guru has become a market leader in no time. The very skeleton is meant to be taken care of all the time.

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Guru business model is marketplace based business model. And, just like any other marketplace business model, it also works on a commission model. Along with this, it follows a subscription-based business model. It offers various membership levels for freelancers to subscribe to in order to get special benefits. Hence it follows a Freemium subscription business model, one of the types of Subscription-based business models.

Guru Business Model Canvas

Guru business model canvas

Guru Revenue Model

Designing a revenue model is the primary thing while designing a business model. And, designing a plan with design thinking indubitably pays its worth. Appropriate and organized planning always aid when things rebound. It helps in a way to recover things in no time. Hence saving a lot of time and energy to be utilized at the right place.  

Guru is a freelance marketplace. And, the source to generate revenue is based on the commission model and subscription plans. Guru charges the fees like handling fees, transaction fees etc. to open a funnel for money flow to its system.

How does Guru make money?

Employers are meant to pay 2.9% handling fee on each transaction. And, Freelancers are meant to pay a 5-9% transaction fee based on their membership level. Guru offers different plans for employee subscription, making it yet another source. Guru also receives 3.5% withdrawal fee on removing unused funds from Guru’s account.

How to develop a freelance platform like Guru?

It is understandable that there is always a hustle inside an entrepreneurial mind. That hustle, I am sure, is able of igniting all the exciting ideas catching all the right opportunities. And so it becomes the big responsibility to answer all those whens, whys, whats and hows. Yes? Indeed! For that is what are the signs of an extraordinary entrepreneur. 

We at NCrypted help all those entrepreneurs shine brighter by giving their ideas a quick boost. And, to develop a platform similar to Guru, we have Guru clone script which will give life to your idea swiftly. So, yes dear entrepreneur you have come to the right place. Let us enchant your ideas by adding lovely add-ons to this clone script.

Nlance by NCrypted

Nlance by NCrypted is a ready-to-go solution to build a freelance marketplace. Nlance is a customizable platform which can even take a form that you wish to give to it. It is our core competency to dress up a platform in an outstandingly well manner. Get in touch today!

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Unnati Raikangor
Unnati Raikangor
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