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The present world is seeing terrific technological development on one hand and also facing the fear of global economic depression on the other. This contradictory situation has left people with very limited buying capacity on their hands. Today most people behave so economically that they will not spend a penny where only half is required. This situation raises fears about the potential customers in the product market. However, there is an online solution which helps to ease out this situation by providing a seller market and creating the customer base necessary to sell the products and services. It is in form of the ‘Groupon’ website which was launched in November 2008.

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Groupon website is a daily deal based group buying website and has gained enormous popularity and tremendous response within a short period of time. The website offers huge discounts up to 50% to 90% on different products and services by presenting a new deal to the customers everyday. From haircuts to gadgets, there is nothing you can’t find on Groupon. Groupon puts up discount offers consistently for fun, local activities and delicious restaurants that you may not have known existed prior to exploring them, allowing you new experiences on your budget. Moreover, the site is extremely easy to work as you can choose to specifically see the deals relevant to you and your area.

This type of group deal is advantageous for the merchants and the customers both. The customers get huge discounts on different deals related to everyday products and services and the merchants easily get the required amount of customers for the product or service they have on offer and also get newer customers everyday. The reason being that customers not only benefit themselves by purchasing through group buying sites but also refer such deals to their relatives and friends who are in need for such products and help them get those products at effective pricing. Thus, it is helpful for the customers to save a lot of money in their budget and for the merchants to generate the required amount of revenue by getting the required amount of customers for their product or service.

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On the other hand, this will also help the merchants to attract more and more customers to their products and services without spending much on advertisements. All that they need to give is a simple discount for the fixed number of customers who sign-up for the deal within the stipulated amount of time. The amount that they need to invest is much less than the money that they need if they are planning to put-up their advertisements online. Hence, the local merchants usually don’t mind giving large discounts for such group deals.

Also, and other daily deal sites have millions of customer email ids in their database. Emails which contain daily deal announcements are sent to all the registered subscribers on a daily basis via free newsletter. Thus, they can easily reach out millions of people in minutes and provide them the information about the new daily deal on the website. Apart from increasing the website viewers, this in turn makes the sellers’ job easier. Sellers do not need to worry about their sales anymore. They can start giving more focus on product quality and other aspects of their business. In the end, this arrangement proves to be a win-win situation for the merchants and customers as both are getting benefitted equally.

Following the Groupon example, the Groupon clone has been developed which is a replica script of the Groupon website. It provides with all the features and functionalities which are present in the Groupon site. Many web development companies are providing Groupon clone script in the IT industry. The Groupon clone websites which have been developed by different entrepreneurs for different locations have also achieved significant success by following the model example of Groupon website.

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Today, customers from all over the world see group buying sites as the best way to save money. Thus, at this time, a group buying clone such as Groupon clone has very high prospects to turn into a successful group deal website. The Groupon clone has all the potential to provide enormous utility to its entrepreneur and at the same time also prove to be a boon for customers and local merchants in the trade market.

Neil S is a marketing enthusiast and works as a technology content writer at NCrypted.

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  1. I think Groupon clone certainly does have high prospects for different regions wherein still it is not available. Today, daily deals market is rapidly growing and thus a group buying site providing exciting daily deals is an idea which is ‘on the go’. I support your article and look forward to more daily deals sites.

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