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NCrypted website clone services vs 3rd party clone scripts

The internet is full of readymade scripts available for sell at unbelievable cheap rates. Whether you are looking for a site similar to Facebook (a Facebook clone you might want to call), Groupon clone or any other popular website clone, there are readymade 3rd party scripts available for sell online by a variety of vendors. The price that are on offer for a ready-made clone of the most popular websites is so good to be true, that you will almost get convinced by the price itself to buy it and start dreaming of becoming the next social media czar! But, that dream will remain just a dream, at least, for another few months, with that kind of a script in your hand.

Look at this – A facebook clone for $1500 USD! A groupon clone for US$1000! Unbelievable, no? If you could make a facebook for $1500, what is Mark Zuckerberg doing then? What makes Facebook plan for a US$50 billion IPO and what makes Groupon worth over $8.46 billion US dollars today if their backbone on which they are riding, their website, can be cloned for a mere thousand bucks! Anybody telling you this is lying and is a cheat! You can get a very simple and outdated social networking script at, may be, $500 or $1000, well, but not a full fledged social media platform similar to Facebook or any other leading social media site for that matter.

Great work does not come for a couple hundred dollars!

However, I am not saying that 3rd party ready made scripts are simply bad coded and you should not purchase it at all. These are perspectives. It all depends upon what game plan you have and what is your business model and plan. You have to be careful here in selecting your ready made script as a vast majority of cheap 3rd party scripts aren’t scalable, robust and user-friendly. Merging and integrating different 3rd party website clone scripts is not an easy job. It is very much important for all of these scripts and modules to share the same platform and structure.

However, let us first go through when to go ahead with a 3rd party ready made module and when to go ahead with professional custom development approach for popular website clones:

When and why to go for a 3rd party ready made clone script?

1. When your budget is less than or around $1,000 USD

2. When you want to use the script ‘as is’ and have very little or no customization requirement at all – as majority of these 3rd party scripts come either with encryption or are so badly written that it makes very difficult for a new developer to alter and upgrade that code

3. When you are not planning to run that website for a long term

4. When you are planning to sell that website within 6 months or max. a year

5. If you are planning to test around and see how the initial response is from the market that you are targeting for your website – Now this can be tricky as if you wish to move ahead with a full version, that ready made code will not be re-usable at all and you will have to build another one from scratch; vast majority of 3rd party resell scripts are not scalable and robust and not at all user-friendly, you can guess that from the Demo UI that comes with these scripts yourself

6. Resell scripts come with a single domain end-user license only, which means you can’t resell that and/or distribute yourself since you don’t own that code; you don’t or can’t own copyright for that code as well – this can prove to be lethal if you are planning for an angel, VC or PE investment on your venture that was built on a 3rd party resell script

7. You have additional budget to indulge into legal battle with the site that you just cloned since the ready made script you purchased had copied graphics, trademarks and IPs! (I am sure none of us want to get into something like this)

Majority of clients that we get for our website clone services are the ones who have already purchased resell scripts and then want to upgrade it or customize it with further additional features. This can prove more costlier at that time and it makes complete sense to have some kind of future planning first before buying such a script as to whether any one of the following is true for you or not and if even one situation is true, it makes complete sense not to go with a resell script and instead opt for a professional custom development approach.

When and why to go for a custom development approach for a popular website clone?

1. When you are not looking for something to-good-to-be-true, such as a groupon clone or an airbnb clone for $500! Meaning, you have a sound budget for your venture and you are very serious about your business but still want to play within a defined budget

2. When you want a website developed that is scalable, robust, user-friendly and want to gain competitive advantage over your competition

3. Your plan is long term and want to rely on a sustainable piece of work

4. Your short term plan is to build a bankable and world-class beta version so that you can raise capital for your venture through an angel funding round or from VC (Venture Capital) or PE (Private Equity) fund

5. You wish to retain 100% copyright ownership over your website and the source code

6. You don’t want your site to slow down when more than 4-5 visitors visit it simultaneously – ready made scripts do not come with proven load and stress testing

NCrypted is the only professional company that provides genuine custom development solutions for popular website clones such as Facebook clone, Groupon clone, AirBNB clone, Elance clone, eBay clone, ClubPlanet clone, Yipit clone, Kickstarter clone, Delicious clone, Digg clone, craigslist clone and many more.

Isn’t NCrypted custom website clone solution going to cost a lot more than a readymade script?

Absolutely not. First of all, nothing is wrong in going ahead with a 3rd party script if it is scalable, robust and user-friendly, comes with a clean and professional UI and can compete with the best in the industry. Sadly, there are no such scripts that sells for cheap and yet provides the best platform around for a given website clone. This is when you require our custom development solutions.

The cost of our custom website clone solutions largely depend upon what all features you’d like to go ahead and with what kind of functionality as well. e.g. a standard login panel will take less time to build and hence will cost lesser compared to a login panel built with jQuery which prompts immediately ‘This user is not registered with us. Would you like to sign up with this username/email ID?’ if the user enters a username or email ID that is not in the database. This is where it costs more than a standard version, so it is up to you as to how you decide to go ahead.

Our costs, as you will see, is 5 to 10x lower than what it would cost to make a brand new fresh development for the same clone elsewhere. Our expertise in website clone and web development services so far helps us build websites at a faster rate than normal and hence provide you the same world-class quality work at very affordable rates.

Contact us today with your RFP (you can find the RFP form on top-right of this page itself or you can simply send an email to sales[at] to find out our approach and how much it would cost before you plan to go ahead with a 3rd party script! It won’t hurt just to find out first.

Disclaimer: The use of word ‘clone’ may be misdirecting. This is not an automated process of copy-paste of features and functionality of another website; NCrypted neither endorses nor encourages any such practice. Website ‘clone’ is how the industry refers to the service of building a website similar to another site. NCrypted offers custom development solution and will certify that all the source code, graphics etc. to be used for similar ventures will be completely designed and genuinely developed by us. No code, design, graphics or any other IP has been or will be used from any of the popular website mentioned in this article or elsewhere on our website. NCrypted’s custom development solutions enables you to run website which is similar to any other website that is to be cloned. NCrypted neither endorses nor is directly or indirectly associated by any mean to any website mentioned in this article or elsewhere on our website except for where explicitly mentioned so.

Kunal Pandya
Kunal Pandya
Kunal Pandya is an early stage investor, chief Guru/Mentor at StartupGuru and CEO of NCrypted Technologies. He is also an advisor and a board member of several of our portfolio companies.

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  1. We wasted our money and time using a readymade script for a certain Kickstarter clone and now I know why. Why didn’t you write this article earlier?


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