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“I have a business idea of creating a crowdfunding website and want to integrate a freelance marketplace script with further customization…”

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“I want to build a vacation rental website but for equipment only and want to have a new design as per my requirement…”

“I want an auction website developed with a fundraising platform integrated – appears to be a big project but don’t have the budget for it!”

“I bought a ready made php classified script and an auction script; would like to integrate them both but the script providers won’t help!”

Do you have similar questions and worries? This article tries to address such issues – how to avoid falling prey to cheap unusable scripts? Can multiple 3rd party scripts from different developers be integrated to create a unique website? Why is it necessary to address these questions before you invest a single dime for your project!

Website cloning is not a new phenomenon neither is the idea of using a ready made PHP script, CMS or platform to build a website. But, a ready made script or platform ‘as is’ may not always be sufficient according to your business requirement. Rather than building a big website business idea from scratch, it only makes sense to find a competitive script which does what you require. But, unless you want to test your business idea in a sandbox mode, you will always want to further enhance and customize the script that you bought (or are planning to buy) to get started.

Customize and Extend Your PHP Website Script

When you are planning for a serious business, if the same script that you bought is being used by dozen other websites, where is your edge? If the same design is being used by your competitors, why would users still visit your website? To answer these questions, you will always require customization on the script that you want to quickly get started with. Customization can be related to a redesign, new theme / template or it can be related to developing a few additional features as per your business requirement.

Merging two or more different scripts and ideas

We recently developed a project which was of merging two platforms, kickstarter clone and freelancer clone platform. Project was for a niche market – education. Requirement included the need to develop a platform where people with new ideas or projects can raise funds. And at the same time, they can hire freelancers from the same website marketplace for development of the same project after raising the targeted funds. So, we are talking about a fundraising platform merged with freelance marketplace with auction module.

Problem integrating different scripts from different companies

What is important here is to make sure that common modules such as sign up, login, member profile etc. are not duplicated and integrate parameters from both the platforms. This level of integration is highly impractical and costly if you are using two different scripts or platforms from different vendors. Unless you are testing your own business idea in sandbox, do not fall prey to cheap ready made scripts from unknown service providers and freelancers. As they say, you get what you pay for and such too-good-to-be-true kind of scripts often fail you when you want to go to market; and that’s what all that matters!

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Why most cheap ready made scripts don’t work?

Simply because they all are developed by different service providers and companies. They all follow different structure and framework and most of such cheap scripts won’t have any meaningful structure to follow in the first place. And even if they all are well coded, it would almost be like asking your web development company to integrate Joomla with Magento. Even if that could be possible, it would end up being a costly affair and you will eventually have to waste, rather invest, thousands of dollars extra, to get nowhere.

Say for example, you have a business idea where you require an auction module along with a classified site and a B2B business directory script – all integrated in a unique design of your choice. If you approach these script providers individually asking for such an integration, they won’t help as they know that can’t be done. There are several problems why this is not possible with 3rd party scripts:

  • All 3rd party scripts have different coding structure and framework, and hence it becomes a costly job to try to integrate them
  • Even if we try to do that, we will have to spend a lot of time learning individual script structure, which will further be a suicidal decision if one of these scripts is not well coded and optimized (which is most likely to happen with cheap scripts from unknown providers)
  • There are many common modules and features which we will require to centralize such as sign up, login, member profile, search, browse, settings, auto-mailers etc. This is going to take a lot of time even if the individual scripts are well coded and optimized
  • Most 3rd party scripts don’t have W3C standard coding structure and have not given enough attention load and stress testing and QA – which if neglected, can turn out to be self-destructive for your website when it starts having some hits.
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Merging different business ideas and scripts with NCT Framework by NCrypted

Integration of different website clones and scripts become easy with NCT framework, provided they are either developed by NCrypted or following the same structure and guidelines. With NCrypted it becomes easy not only because many such popular website clone platforms and scripts are developed by us, they all are running on the same NCT framework, which saves a lot of time and cost for such level of customization and integration.

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Kunal Pandya is a startup evangelist, early stage investor and a technocrat. Kunal is the chief mentor at StartupGuru Venture Advisory (https://startupguru.co) that runs an online startup incubator program for non-technical founders; and is also the MD & CEO of NCrypted Technologies - a premier software technology company. He is also an advisor and on the board of several of our portfolio customer companies. Learn more about Kunal here - https://www.ncrypted.com/kunal-pandya. Kunal's personal blog aggregation can be found on his blog site - https://www.kunalpandya.com.

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