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Fundraiser – a Kickstarter Clone Script

What is Kickstarter Clone?

Fundraiser, a Kickstarter Clone enables you to create your own Crowdfunding website. It is script by which you can attract people (fundraisers) all over the world to raise fund for their projects and backers (investors) to fund, fundraisers. Kickstarter Clone facilitates the fundraiser to get funding for their corresponding projects and ideas. This helps to motivate the people all over the world to come up with new ideas and explore the world.

fundraiser kickstarter clone script
Fundraiser – Kickstarter Clone Script

How does it work?

A Fundraiser script, Kickstarter Clone, enables you to start a new project, by posting project details online. It allows you to select the range of the amount to be funded by backers. In return fundraisers can offer them special gifts; according to the fund they have raise or donated. Then project is categorized under categories available. Backers who visit to provide fund to the fundraiser, are notified on receiving fund.

There are two module plans available:

  • One providing all money you have raised till date irrespective of the target being achieved or not
  • Other one provides you with nothing if target is not achieved within the desired date.

We will ensure you that the plan which is suitable for you, will help you to get the best possible benefit in matter at of use and earn revenue at the end.

Kickstarter Clone, your next source of capital!

Crowdfunding script, Kickstarter Clone is0 also called future of finance. The concept is simple: a large number of people (the crowd) fund small amounts of money to accumulate into an investment large enough to finance a project. Read more.

Why NCrypted for your Kickstarter Clone?

NCrypted’s Kickstarter Clone is available in a complete package, with enriched features and user-friendly environment for the admin to work.

kictstarter categories1 List of a few categories (categories are manageable from the Admin Panel of Fundraiser platform):

  • Food
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Films and videos
  • Much more within surprise box.

This helps the user to handle the website with ease or can say it makes the website more users friendly.
As the whole data is classified under different categories, it becomes easy for the backers and fundraisers to handle the crowdfunding website.

Vidhi Patel
Vidhi Patel
Vidhi is an internet marketing professional. Her interests span multiple of internet industries and she likes to regularly contribute to the NCrypted Blog.

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