Crowdfunding Script: your next source of capital


Crowdfunding is the future of finance. The concept is simple: a large number of people (the crowd) fund small amounts of money to accumulate into an investment large enough to finance a project.

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Over the last few years of an escalating number of art, comics, dance, design, fashion, film & video, and much more have been raising money for their projects via online ‘Crowdfunding platform’. Let’s say a film producer requires £20,000 to complete a project. By going to a Crowdfunding site, he or she can pitch the idea to tens of thousands of potential backers. Because the numbers of people involved are moderately large, enterprising filmmaker can raise the cash from hundreds of small pledges rather than a concentrated group of major investors. It’s the power of the crowd.

kickstarter clone Crowdfunding script is an allows entrepreneurs to get through the investors and directly to people to invest in their company online. The investors are regular people inspired by your idea and want to see it grow, can oly invest inside your projects.

Often associated with projects, Crowdfunding platform can also finance the instigate of a unique product or business venture. To work, your ideas you must appeal to a particular cause or passion, and there are no guarantees that you’ll get the money you request for your projects.

Crowdfunding Benefit

The upside of Crowdfunding arrangement is that businesses can tap into the resources of a large group of business-friendly investors.

Some of the features of the Kickstrater clone are:

Monetary Statistics:

The Crowdfunding market practically DOUBLED from 2011 to 2012, and Crowdfunding doesn’t designate any plans of stopping. Crowdfunding is expected to be a 5 Billion dollar industry in near future. If you get in now, you’ll be part of a booming market that gives power to the people, and that is already changing fundraising and investing as we know it.

Crowdfunding Site Owner:

Starting a Crowdfunding Site means you get to work for yourself and live and breathe success stories. Clients are hearing constantly a big “THANK YOU!” from people who create successful campaigns on your sites. At the end, feeling that you raised $100 to make a dream reality for others will help you?

Profitable Crowdfunding Site With Least Investment

We will provide you with the customization according to your requirements. In matter of the return you will get for raising the fund to allow client to post project on your Crowdfunding script.

Crowdfunding Platform Can Drive Their Own Traffic

Nearly all bukers and campaign are driven by the campaign creator for themselves. There’s an arguable fact that listing their projects on a site gives you a better chance of being featured, resulting more visibility to all customers. Now a day there is a huge crowd to raise fund for their projects so you won’t need to go to find them, they will find you as they need you to raise the amounts.

  • Allows sharing of projects on Facebook and Twitter along with social bookmarking
  • Upcoming projects which are soon to be available can also be viewed by the users
  • Provides an attractive, smart and clean way to raise funds for various types of projects
  • Unlimited number of projects can be posted

Start your own crowdfunding site

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