4 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail


4 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

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Do you think that each and every application in play store get installed? And from the installed application how many of them are getting actually used on regular basis? The market of a mobile application does not actually work as we think. It is a little bit complicated. That’s why failing ration of a mobile application is high.

Here are some of the reasons, why mobile apps fail.

  • Lack of Market Research

Some ideas look great theoretically mind blowing but in reality, they don’t make the difference in people’s lives. Any project should be research driven and should not just be blind fall jump. Sometimes because of lack of market research, an application doesn’t get success. In market research, few questions come first like does the app provide any value to people’s lives? Does it solve the problems of people’s lives? Does it useful to your users to enhance the current solutions to their problems? Just having the idea that people would love the app, and justifying the same idea would be a different thing. Moreover, you have to keep your eyes on your competitors, you need to decide your target audience and their requirements, strategize the use cases for different scenarios.

  • Platform Ignorance

When you develop an app for multiple platform use, you need to keep the platform differences in mind. It becomes a problem if an app doesn’t perform well on all the platforms like different kind of networks, operating systems and devices. For example, people can get frustrated when an app works well on iOS but not on Android.

  • Poor User Interface
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According to one research, more than 7% of the mobile app of different platforms fail because of a poor user interface and user experience. Users don’t want to deal with the features which are difficult to access, with the long registration process and/or poor performance of the app. It reflects very badly on the result of the access ratio of the app.

You need to keep in mind that, for a successful mobile app, a proper design, and proper development of a mobile app, careful and meaningful placing of buttons, high image resolution and marvellous user experience required.

  • Improper Launching

If you take proper care of proper market research, development, designing, and all the other points which are required but if you don’t put proper attention on launching then it would be one of the biggest reasons for the failure of your app.

According to one survey, more than 75% of people, use any app for three days after instalment. It is always necessary to make a first good impression within first few days prior to the launch. It is all about impressing new users and if you fail in doing that, you will likely lose their interest.

So these are the reasons, why mobile apps fail. But there are many more factors which affect the success of your mobile app. So keeping these factors in mind will increase the chances of success.

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